Friday, May 25, 2012


New Polaroid in Words

If you could have seen me the past couple of days you would notice that my nose is buried in a book. I wish I could read faster take speed reading advice and skip words, skim along and absorb the gist but I can not.  I read aloud every word in my head. It's a terrible habit I can not break, each word echoing in my imagination.

I have discovered Ellen Gilchrist and I am ashamed that I had to wait so long to come across her on the library shelves. I just thank God the shelves are crowded with her bounty. I devoured "Nora Jane" first, not really enthralled at first but as each page came alive in my head I became totally hooked and could not put it down reading it way into the wee dark hours of the night.

The second one I snatched off the shelf is "NET OF JEWELS" which I have only torn myself away from to write this short Polaroid because I must return to college days in the mid 1950's and a girl named Rhoda.

So, picture this, I am outside (my favorite reading spot next to being propped up in bed....) in the shade (the light is fantastic) my feet resting up on the bags of garden soil next to the pallet I am going to create a masterpiece with next to the assortment of herbs and nursery flowers with a glass of classic sweet tea with lemon at my hand as I turn page after page wishing it would never end.


The Gal Herself said...

I think the way you read is perfect! Why read fast? Sounds like you completely enjoying hearing the characters in your head. Except for the fact that I'm not crazy about iced tea, this sounds delightful.

Lisa :-] said...

Speaking for those of us who fancy ourselves "writers", I would not appreciate it if I believed that my audience was not reading every word I worked and sweated over when I wrote the piece. You read exactly how I read, and I truly believe it is the way we were meant to read.

Nelle said...

I am so glad you found books that are so enjoyable for you. That is how I am when reading most Jodi Piccoult books. Are you aware there is a website online where you can list paperbacks you no longer want and then request from others those you would like to read? It only cost about $2.40 to mail one (media mail) and we are saving a lot of money doing this.
I will have to look for this author.


Devouring a good book is a wonderful way to spend a day. ENJOY each and every page. Take care.