Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Photo Nazi

I do not let on that I get cantankerous and confrontational at times. Yet it has been known to happen. Hey, I survived raising a teenage girl so I earned the right!

This happened at Walmart. I was minding my own business at the photo center, using their scanner to copy pictures of my Mother's High School graduation picture. I thought it would be a nice Christmas present for all my brothers and sisters.

I had never used this contraption before. I had no idea it took so long to print a photo, especially if it is a large one. So I innocently asked the lady behind the counter where the pictures emerged. At that time, she was tight lipped nice, as if she had to be (we all know the type) (I may have done it a time or two myself) and indicated the shoot at the bottom. I looked and sure enough, there it was! I pulled it out to admire the copy and I was smiling and all happy when she suddenly said, "Let me see that!" and I just imagined she saw my smile and just wanted....Hey! She grabbed it out of my hand.

For about two minutes, in a packed Saturday afternoon crowd, she and I had a tango! "This is a professional picture and has a copywrite. You are not allowed to make any copies of this!"

"Well, it is my Mother and she is going to be 77 years old, I doubt she remembers who the photographer was at that time".

"I'm sorry" (she was not the least bit sorry, I saw the glint in her eye) "But it is not allowed."

I began to reach for the picture and I swear to God she backed up with it above her head! "What if I tell you I took that picture!" I pleaded.

"I'd say you were lying!" she retorted.

"For the love of God, the picture is 60 years old, the photographer must be deceased by now."

I had visions of her ripping my mothers pictures to shreds right before my eyes. This is insane, and absurb! She just glared at me. I turned on my heel and stomped off, I did not trust myself as I was beginning to see RED. "Have a nice day" she called out to my retreating back.

I could have turned around and slapped the tar out of her, but instead I went to Walgreens and explained the situation to their Photo Angels and received a dispensation.

I am really ticked off at Walmart.

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