Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Summers End

With the Labor Day week end behind us, it is inevitable that the summer is nearing an end. This has been one of the most memorable on record for me. Beginning with my elopement and ending with a visit to Louisville to see Bridget...which included the purchase of a Duaflex Kodak camera at the Flea Market for $5!

And everything inbetween. In Alphawoman I tend to keep the darker parts of my world hidden. Since I have no idea who may be reading this journal, it is a risk for me to go beyond the boundaries I have set. You all have no idea! And I am unable to expound...I have to leave it at that.

I have attended several funerals this past summer. I would feel as if I were exploiting the feeling of grief, loss and horror if I were to blog about them. They touched me very deeply. Two wonderful people gone before their time should have been finished. We should always wear seatbelts and we should never ever think our problems are so monumental that a gun pointed at a temple is the only solution. What I see are the shattered lives of those left behind who loved them.

I was on jury duty this summer also. One of the trials was the juiciest slice of down home Peyton Place I have ever been involved in...well, from the outside looking in! It was hard to come to a judgment about what happened. I was on a jury of six the first time and it was hard. Though I knew he had broken the law, I felt for him. He was between a rock and a hard place and unfortunately made the wrong decision. I think he acted stupidly. Remember, being stupid is no defense.

The jury of 12 I was on the second time was much easier. We were in and out quickly.....A drug case. If I was on a typical jury of the 21st century, we certainly can be called the HANG 'EM HIGH JURY....we loved to convict.

Note to not commit a crime in this area, the juries are tough.

The trip to Ireland, the stay over in Chicago, the trip to Dublin Ohio with Omega, the many trips to Louisville, the Lake, the River, and the list could go on and on making it hard to say goodbye to this golden, as mild as I have ever lived in the South, summer.

It is with lots of anticipation I look forward to what Autumn has in store for

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