Tuesday, October 04, 2005

phenomenon of Life, unfortunately

Last year after I attended the St. James Court Art Show I came away inspired and full of ideas to create some folk art of my own. I began to search for old photographs. I thought that I could make shadow boxes of "mixed media" as good, if not better than what I had viewed at the Art Show. I went to numerous Flea Markets and antique malls in my quest. I actually found some very interesting photos. To look at a person some how discarded is sad. Yet, there is a new beginning, a second chance to live, in the art. It demands speculation about the life of that lost soul.

I lost motivation in short time. My own circumstances began demand speculation in regards to the future. That future at the time did not involve creating interesting shadowboxes.

A year later, I found myself at the Art Show once again fascinated with the simplicity of the boxes and the powerful aura's that I felt surrounding them. Discarded souls.

I encountered discarded souls of a living nature all over Louisville during the weekend. Earlier this year I was in the drive thru line of a fast food joint near the Interstate. I was totally taken by surprise when someone suddenly was at my window asking if I could spare a $1. I was so startled that I shook my head no and rolled my window up.

I have regretted it ever since. As soon as the shock wore off, in a matter of minutes I searched the parking lot for that person. He was gone, vanished. I don't know why I felt so bad, but I did.

Three separate times during the course of a 12 hour period I was asked for money. Once again at a fast food joint as I was walking back to my car. I handed over a $1.

At the Octoberfest festivities on Fourth Street Live. I handed over all my change in my pocket.

At a convenient store a little later on, while buying lottery tickets for Powerball, Omega and I encountered a young kid in the parking lot. "Have you got 74 cents?" he asked, "Its all I need to get home". Peggy turned to me and I handed over a dollar. "More" she demanded. I added another two bucks. She gave it to the young man.

Once we got back into the car she said, "Since New Orleans......K. (her husband) says you never know when the person you are helping could be Jesus. I think there is God in all of us anymore. No matter what."



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