Saturday, October 08, 2005

Very Interesting

I doubt this picture is going to upload very sharp. As it was not sharp to begin with. One of the handful of abandoned pictures I purchased at the Antique Mall the other day. I took out a magnifying glass to try and determine if the animals in the background were horses or cattle? The car in the foreground, which make and model? The man to the left looking back at the camera. Another gentleman with his back to the lens, gazing at the activity infront of him.

There are no cattle farms around here. I think the earth too precious in its giving of corn and soybeans.

It's cold, and the trees are bare. The land flat. Indiana? Ohio? Are they tourists pulled over to look at a bunch of horses? No fence is evident, so they must have driven up onto the land. They are horses! I think with riders. A fox hunt? Do foxes live in such tree barren surroundings? Very interesting photo.

Also interesting....I got the job. Passed the drug test and the background check. The University of Louisville came through for me! Took a couple of phone calls to straighten out my records, but all was well in the end.

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