Friday, August 11, 2006


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Since I will be spending the weekend in Ft. Wayne I am going to challenge myself to go out and find the beauty. When I first moved here last year I prowled the area, the downtown, US 27 trying to snap shots of the Amish children, Headwater park, the rainbows etc. etc. etc. I saw beauty everywhere.

I am going to dust my camera off and try again. And I have such a new kick ass camera that I never use!! Shame on me!!

There is a Chili Fest Cook Off type competition in the Headwater park area. I believe there are baseball games going on. I think there is a Motor Car Show going on at the Fairgrounds.

Also, I have not taken any photos of the Southside Farmers Market.

Use it or loose it. I find I am becoming shy with the camera. Maybe I can tell everyone at the Farmers Market that I am doing a study....I've gotten so many terrific shots telling people I am entering a contest.

So that is my assignment I give myself. Attitude adjustment and situation acceptance.


CoffeeBigPlz said...

If you enjoy hot rods... the muddy river run is always a good time. Me? not a hot rodder. BUT my husband and son LOVE it, they are fantastic looking cars and fun stuff is scheduled thru the day.

Long ago, you used to be able to look at the manhole covers downtown on the landing (columbia street) then go north to the elevated train tracks. look at them... some of them (at least used to say) "Wabash Erie Canal" The reason that area is called the landing is because it was literally the landing of during the days of the wabash/erie canal days. Baking Powder was invented on Columbia street by a man named Robert Hoagland.
The gas pump was also invented here.
(a little more modern)
Fun little facts though...

Robbie said...

Go Mary! Go Mary! Go Mary!

...then come back and share those pics.... :-)

unhinged said...

Well, you know how I'd love to see those photos, don't you? And actually, I've been thinking about doing the same thing here--looking for the beauty and/or the unusal with my camera so I can blog about it later. So I can remember what seemed to draw me to this city to begin with.

My favorite season in Fort Wayne is coming. The fall. Make sure you have your camera with you. God, I miss the fall in Indiana.

CoffeeBigPlz said...

AND what did you find dear Mary?