Sunday, August 20, 2006


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Scenes from DownTown on an Over Cast Day

Climbed up five flights of stairs to the top of the parking garage before spotting the elevator (oh well, sure can use the exercise), scared all the pigeons causing one to fly into the enclosed stairwell (I sure hope someone else climbs the five flights and scares him/her back out). I was hoping the train might make an appearance on its own EL but it did not.

So I got this shot.

I have a new lens and I wandered the overcast streets and Greenway Paths circling Headwaters Park hoping for some fantastic shots! Only men on bicycles looking suspiciously like traveling transients. Then I felt guilt over thinking that there might be homeless in this fair city...but the stashed belongings I stumbled across haphazardly hidden on one of the stairwells confirmed my suspicions.

Sunshine today. Better opportunity.


Robbie said...

Great Shot!

CoffeeBigPlz said...

Yes, plenty of homeless in this fair city. (not-so fair to them) No, they are -generally- not the folk you see with the signs. You don't see much 'begging' in the fort. No siree Bob! Still they are here. They live under the briges and go to warmer places in the winter or the shelters.
You have quite an eye with the lens.
What is it that you do for a living?

Unhinged said...

Yes! A glimpse of my Fort. Yaay!

On my walk home from work one day last week, I passed a homeless guy sleeping on the sidewalk. All of his belongings were behind him on the sidewalk. And I wondered how desperate, lost and drug- or alchohol-addicted a person would have to be to sleep on a sidewalk that faces a busy street during rush hour traffic.

trying2hide said...

Nice pictures.
It is a pretty city but the winters can drag a bit, as I said before, that is why there are so many bars in the Fort.