Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Fort Wayne

Summit City

Gateway to the West

Three Rivers

Whatever you call it, we call it home.

My favorite Local Hero - Mad Anthony Wayne. Wonderful statue in downtown that is fun to photograph in all types of weather. Mad Anthony is also the name of a local brewery that is fabulous (love, peace and hoppiness). Mad Anthony fought the Indians and the Indians did not win. He made it possible for the frontiersmen to go past the Ohio River (and the Indians) into the great west. He made it possible for Fort Wayne to be established in the late 1700's. If he had lived past the age of 51 (gout got him , not Indians) he may have even made it to President (that's how popular this guy was).

The Amish - They fascinate me. When I first arrived and was traveling into a more dense Amish area, I could not believe it! How they were so nonchalant about maneuvering a horse and buggy down a very heavily traveled two lane highways! And for some crazy reason I can not fathom, I find them very sexy. I am still amazed when I see them on the outskirts of Ft. Wayne, entire families doing their weekly shopping at Meijers, their horse and buggies waiting outside!

Southside Farmers Market - My favorite place. Along with Hyde Brothers Booksellers. Ahhh, Hyde brothers. I could spend an entire day in there enchanted with the sheer magnitude of books stacked to the ceiling (12 foot ceilings!). Never enough time in any life time to read it all!!

My Favorite Day In Fort Wayne! How I loved sitting in Headwaters park taking photographs of the children playing the fountain. A day full of magic.


Cathy said...

Thank you for your more positive post about The Fort; your previous post made me rather worry about you. Your post got me thinking about some things I rather like about the Midwest; Visit Common Sensibilities for what I came up with.

trying2hide said...

AH, now you have seen that thru the good and the bad.. there is a reason to live here.
Excellent pictures!

Paul said...

Maybe you add just a bit of Kentucky grace and charm to the Fort.

Robbie said...

Beautiful pictures!

Lisa :-] said...

See? If anyone could find things to love about Ft. Wayne, I knew it would be our indomitable Mary. :-]