Sunday, September 03, 2006

Going up the Country, Baby....

....don't you wanna go

I have been really taking advantage of the long week-end. I have been forcing myself to have a good time, find some long over due projects to get started, and think about issues.

Like.....why I have totally abandoned my paper journal? If I opened the journal I would be surprised if I wrote anything in August. I miss it. I find that only in that journal are the true stories told. I find in that journal I am set free with my narratives and descriptions. No one to offend, no judgment turned my way, and stark honesty.

I found a fabulous orchard up in the far reaches of Indiana. Apple Hill Orchard. It is so far off the beaten path I never would have found it if it weren't for the golf course that is next door. I bought apples so beautiful I should take a picture of them to prove it. And peaches....oh how I love peaches. Next time I will bring my camera.

Joe and I went to the Botanical Conservatory for the last installment of the Wired for Sound concert series. A band from Louisiana called Buckwheat Zydeco performed. My favorite beer was served, Blue Moon, and the crowd was large and diverse. Children and bikers all grooved to the music. Too bad I just found out about this wonderful series of events!!

Tomorrow I may go to Shipshewana for the Flea Market.

I was on the trail that practically goes around FW yesterday when a train blocked the path back to the parking area. I, and about 15 other stranded runners, bikers and walkers waited it out. 40 minutes!! Our only entertainment was a very impatient moped rider who tried to walk his bike along side the train. He almost did not make it, finally deciding to slide down the embankment with the bike and ride the path up to where all of us were watching.

I was chatting with a very nice woman who is training for the Hilly Hundred to be held next month in Bloomington. 50 miles one day, 50 the next. Sleep over in a school or, or if you bring your tent, outside under the stars.

I am so tempted! Even though I have not been on a bike in over a year.

I love a challenge.


trying2hide said...

I say Go For It!
You seem to be transition-ing thru more than a physical move. I do not know this to be true, only from reading and therefore could be oh-so-totally wrong.

But why not? Get a bike and give her a whirl?

Paul said...

So who besides me sees this headline and thinks instantly, "Canned Heat. Bob 'the Bear' Hite. Al Wilson. 'And don't forget to boogie' "?

I saw Buckwheat Zydeco years ago. the Saw Docs give zydeco a whirl in "the Joyce County Ceili Band." But you knew that. You really are like my little sister.