Friday, September 22, 2006


I'm considering changing the name of this blog. In the beginning I thought the name was so clever.

Now it just seems old and worn out. I need to reinvent myself.

Recently another one of my blogging buddies changed the name of his blog and it just automatically changed in my bloglines.

The handful of people who keep up with this blog I hope will hang on.

Okay, I've considered and I am doing it.

Also, heading out on a trip tomorrow. Hence the luggage.

I think I may have one post in me before taking off.

Good-bye MLIAOB.

Somebody is probably going to snap it right up!!


Robbie said...

Ha! I saw the new name in bloglines and thought "where the hell did that come from." Wanna know my second thought? "I bet that's Mary." Ha Ha Ha Have a safe trip. I look forward to the travel journal entries that follow. :-)

Lisa :-] said...

You're messing with my head. You and Paul. I don't have enough coherent brain cells to rub together to keep track of all these changes... :-]

thethinker said...

I've considered changing the name of my blog tons of times, but never had the guts to do it.

Nice blog you have here.

Paul said...

And, of course, I knew immediately WHO had provided the new name. But I did think the old name was wicked clever.

Meowkaat said...

Since this is my first visit to your blog, I'm wondering what the heck the name was before???? MLIAOB...
"My Life In An Orange Bus"?
"My Liposuction Isn't As OK, Bob"?
"Mary Likes It As Old Bologne"?
someone tell me.

Jimmy said...

Call it what you need to, just keep this link, because I like the BLOG!

fairplaybeach said...

You're Goin' Mobile?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Meowkaat. Not sure what the old name was either. It's still a great blog, Mary, no matter what you call it. If I had known when I named my blog what I know now, I would have chosen a much simpler name myself. As the PA Dutch say, "Too soon old and too late schmart." Beautiful vacay pix, mary. Good luck with your name change.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wanted to ask if I could post a link to your blog on my site (I forgot.)