Saturday, September 02, 2006


Yesterday was a very difficult day to get through. I have to just hang on and trust that a Higher Power is at work behind the scenes. My daughter has a lot of people praying for her, including my Mom, who has the ear of God.

My Brother in Law has tried to help her out. They live in Louisville (as does one of my brothers, and her father!!)He owns some storage areas and was going to give her one! She kept him waiting all day, not returning phone calls etc. He also has a house for her to rent.......but, she does not a job, they have only $125 at this point (she has gone through over $1600 this month and maxed out a $600 limit credit card).....and he is concerned about her ability to pay rent, deposit, and not stiff his best friend who is a "slum lord" (which we affectionately once referred to my BIL when they were partners in that business).

Not being able to help myself, I gave her advice (as I always do, I am her Mom after all). Negotiate with BIL. She (supposably) has a job lined up with TGI Friday's, give him the start date and when she will finish her training and how much she expects to make. Tell him she will need X amount to live (food cigs etc) and will turn over the rest to him until she is past training and the tips are coming in...then work out how much she will owe to get square with him. Even offer to work off the amount he will not doubt lend her to get her in the house. She can baby sit. She can answer phones at his office, she can run errands for him, she can do a million things to work it out with him. He is her UNCLE, he wants to help!!

As of last night, she had alienated him.

I understand that she is stressed out beyond belief, because of the constant barrage of frantic phone calls I am receiving. I also understand that in this new union she is the leader.

That is trouble right there.

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Lisa :-] said...

(((Mary)) What a challenge!

SOOOO hard to watch them go through the same kind of crap we went through at their age.

Sending you positive vibes...