Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sometimes I am at a total loss for words. Meaning, there is nothing swirling around in my brain that is interesting enough to write a few paragraphs about. My brain is tired anyway from a semi-sleepless night. I tossed and turned and fretted about a big event I had going on today. I obsessed about it even as I slept. I was convinced that it was going to go badly, that the team effort I needed would fail me.

I was unable to badger anyone about it yesterday as I was tied up in a meeting in Indianapolis all day long. How does one day become so long? After our lunch break we had a marathon speaker.

First my legs began to get antsy. Then my eyebrows. They itched. First the right one then the left. Then my ears! I was moving as if I was covered with ants. I needed out of there to walk off some of my nervous energy which was manifesting itself into a major fidget fest.

Finally, the break and I bolted out of there as if on fire. I headed for the nearest EXIT sign and threw open the door and headed down the steps. As soon as I hit the first landing I knew I had made a mistake.

Just like Miami.

Joe had decided we needed to do laundry before heading to the Port of Miami and boarding the ship. This marvelous hotel had a laundry on the floor directly below us. Joe had challenged me to take a more active role in getting the load finished and into our luggage. Challenge may have been too kind a word…..

I huffed off and found the closest “EXIT” sign leading to the stair well. I went from the eight floor down to the seventh and leaned against the door.

Nothing. The door was locked. Oooopps.

I headed back up the stairs and to my horror the door would not open there! I knocked and pounded on the door hoping that I could attract the attention of someone, anyone in the hallway. This went on for a few minutes and I gave up.

Thinking I could make it to the lobby I started to descend. The urge to panic began as I found every door on each floor would not open. Eventually I made it to the garage level. I could smell the nauseous fumes and hear roar of engines but once again the doors would not open!

I could only hope that Joe would miss me in time and form a search party and they would find me trapped in the stair well! I began going back up and checking each door again. I noticed a scary looking hallway under one of the staircases leading into another dark area. I had nothing to lose, so I held my breath and went in.

Sweet Jesus, there was an escape at the end of the tunnel. Beautiful sunlight peeked from around the door edges. It was an industrial type with two panels that met in the middle. I tried to open and it would only budge slightly, teasing me with more of the sunlight of freedom. With as much force as I could muster, fueled by panic and near hysteria, I shoved on both doors at once! By some miracle, they swung open and I fell onto the back patio of the Hotel that opened up into the Bay walk.

I reentered the hotel through the back glass doors into the lower floor level. I passed the two restaurants, several retail stores, a sundry shop, a bakery, and two lobby’s (this particular hotel was two in one) to reach the bank of elevators on the other side of the building.

I had to hold my head high as I passed what seemed like thousands of curious onlookers and hotel guests. After all, it is unusual to see someone roaming around in their bathrobe and hair rollers…even in Miami.

So when I hit that landing yesterday I just knew that door was going to be locked. And it was! I was about to panic and scream “Help” when the door opened and a curious kind health professional asked me if I need help….

Man did I ever! I almost wanted to kiss him.


Franco said...

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slaghammer said...

I too have found myself in one of those rat-trap stairwells. I know the logic behind why they do that but it is a seriously flawed logic to put it mildly.

Lisa :-] said...

LOL! You think you would have learned...!

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL...figures it was a mental health professional.

Angie said...

ha ha funny story. I love the image of bathrobe and curlers in the stairwell.

a.roberson said...

That story was too funny ;-) May I suggest investing in, and always having your cell phone handy?

Wow, what a story. Keep posting...we need it ;-)

The Writing Muse said...

Great story and thanks for visiting my blog!

LightYears2Venus said...

For being at a 'total loss for words', this hilarious anecdote came out great! Hope the big event went well and sorry work worries are nagging at you.

trying2hide said...

I too am sorry about the work woes.
One thing on the stairwells in this "hey! let's take the stairs rather than the elevator for health reasons" age of getting healthy... would a freaking sign on the door kill them?

Nelle said...

I am thinking that the perfect career for you might be one of the people who goes to hotels and checks them out for future travelers. Ever consider that? Or a travel agent. The other day my eyebrows began to itch and turn bright red. I figured it was stress!

Blondie said...

I cannot tell you how many times something like this has happened to me. Sigh. You are not alone.