Friday, October 06, 2006


Tomorrow is Joe's Birthday!

The most fun, besides finally being able to lay out the dozen or so Birthday cards I have accumulated through out the year, is giving him his gift.

Gift giving is one of the things I do best. Why? It's simple. I poo-poo what ever he really really wants....

"You know what you can get me for my birthday?"


"A gun. I really need a gun."

Eye roll and look of total exasperation from me. I know why he wants a gun, he thinks its for "protection".

"And how many people have you actually had the opportunity to shoot at?" I ask after the obligatory sound of "Pfffffttttt".

We have an understanding that what he gets is what I really want and then I show him how to use it and then it becomes both of ours.

Not really, but he has pointed this out to me on several occasions in our nearly ten years together.

I know he is going to love the camcorder I got him. (do they still call it a camcorder?) It has cute tiny little disc's that go into the computer so you can load it up and make those wonderfully entertaining You-tube things with. I am addicted to "Tripping on Words" who makes much use of them.

I also think it is going to be a great incentive for me to lose weight!! I'm going to be devastated to see my big fat-butt on the computer screen. Perfect type of motivation for me.

He is going to love his birthday gift, oh yes he is!!


Anonymous said...

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A.Roberson said...

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A.Roberson said...

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trying2hide said...

Men like guns to make them feel like men I think. But I married one with a "secret stash" I didn't really know about. But in his particular line of work, I'd rather him have one than NOT have one.

I love the way you express yourself with the words. Wish I could write as well as you do. You are an inspiration.

A.Roberson said...

I just posted a somewhat compelling story with matching photos that I think you would appreciate.

Check it out and let me know what you think (

p.s. Thank you sooo much for placing me as a link on your site.

Paul said...

A freakin' GUN? I'm even going pfffftt.