Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ode to Coconut Rum

I decided to run to the grocery store on the way home from work this afternoon. It had become evident to me last night that the cupboard was bare as I scrounged around for something to snack on before going to sleep.

I began to fantasize about purchasing a bottle of coconut rum. The big jumbo kind. Big Industrial Strength kind. 1.75 Liter kind. Last a long time kind.

It took a lot of control to avoid the liquor aisle. Especially since another item I really needed was located in the same immediate area. I prevailed. I persevered. I passed.

About three weeks ago (has it really been that long?????) I decided I was drinking too much. Rather than fantasizing about purchasing a bottle of hooch, I was mentally pouring the elixir of life as I raced home.

It's not too bad, this self denial. It makes me realize that my fears of being an alcoholic can be put to rest.

I just love coconut rum.

And think of the money I will save. In a years time I should have enough saved to take a trip to Malawi and buy an orphan.

I mean adopt a child.


Anonymous said...

Does Madonna drink? Maybe she needs one now. Out of the goodness of your heart - you could buy that industrial size bottle of Coconut Rum and Fed Ex it to the Material Mom :)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Gee, if only I could have the same will power to pass up the macroons (coconut cookies that taste like monuds bars,)in the shopping aisle...

jennifer said...

Drinking too much? There IS such a thing? LOL

You could always buy the industrial size and ship it to, uhhh, ME! Oh never mind. I don't like coconut.

Robbie said...

Buying your own substance to abuse sure takes the fun right out of it, especially when you think of all the other stuff you really want. Ah..I miss the days of walking into a bar with a twenty and going home drunk off my ass with the same twenty. Well, okay, maybe I don't miss it. I just had a flash of some of the freaks I picked up along the way as a result.

Paul said...

Jayz...I hope Lent gets here soon.