Thursday, December 28, 2006


I know you think I have been neglecting you. I feel you think I have been paying too much attention to the BLOG. I would plead with you to understand, to realize that it is only you who realizes my secrets. It is only you that I bear my soul. You carry the truth.

I miss the feel of the pen on the paper.

If I were one who made New Year's resolutions. If I were one who did not have dismal results from the best intentions. I do not want you to fall in step with "loosing weight" and "being a better person" and (gag) being a better employee.

I will not bull-shit you.

You, Diary, know who I am.

Only you.

You who know how to read between the lines. Since I was about nine or ten.

I look at the dates of my last entry. Three weeks ago. Gosh. I did not enter the night last week when I went outside into the back yard and looked towards the West and waited for the Space Shuttle to show itself. It was coming from the Southwest.

I gyrate towards the south.

I have never found my .... bearings in the North.

I looked towards the SW and there you were. You blasted suddenly ( and I do mean once you were not there and in the next breath, there you were) into sight. You were brilliant. It looked as if two triangles were joined together. Later I remembered that you were to be viewed moments after you and the Space Station disengaged.

For several minutes I watched you streak across the heavens. It was a brilliant night. It was barely dusk, the east it was black , and into darkness you plunged. I was spell bound. I lifted my head to the skies until you disappeared into the North east.

How backwards everything is up the North.

And surprising (in case you are reading, and you know who you are, though I doubt you read).

Joe gave me the greatest Christmas present. A Sirius Radio!!!

Last summer I was in Tennessee enjoying the annual family four day gathering. My sister Omega has been given this satellite radio by her husband, the King. We were sitting on the back of the house, listening to the music. (I was unaware it was satellite) Another song began and I stopped talking and listened. It was Bob Dylan's "Mozambique". It had been a long time since I had heard that song! The memories...the memories. Why has no other radio station ever played that song?

Because it's not satellite.

Now I have satellite.

When I set it up, I faced the antenna towards the North. The sound was terrific for about 10 minutes and then breaking sound. I was so angry! I was yanking the cradle, the antenna and moving everything about. Then it dawned one me. I am trying to face the North! Hell I live in the north! Face that antenna straight up!

By God, it worked!

I love my husband.


Enough. (hahahhahahah)


Wil said...

You'll get the hang of it, one of these days...

MyMaracas said...

Only a child of the south can understand the pull of the place, the strangeness we feel when we're far from home. Me, I miss the rolling Appalachian hills and the morning mists that cloak the valleys ... rushing cascades of pure water, and peeper music in the spring ... the rumble and lowing of distant coal trains passing in the night.

Congrats on the new system, even if you do have to point it north.

Lisa :-] said...

Beautiful, Mary.

Happy New Year.

AC said...

Goodness, were we once neighbors? Our coal train goes through every morning at 6:00 am.

Dig the radio. If my favorite programs go off the local station this time, I'm going that route ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to Bob Dylan the other day - on my iPod though. I don't think I hear him at all on the radio stations. I have several of his songs on that precious iPod of mine. :-) Now you got me thinking, do I need to invest in a new toy?!

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting you can't tell who I am, unless I provide my name. Blame it on being too far north! ;-)


tina said...

".... upon the beach of sunny Mozambique" Is there anyone who can bring back those old memories like Dylan? Glad to hear you got the gift of music for Christmas. It's nice to be able to listen to the good stuff. Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, alphawoman. So, you've gone where I fear to tread, to the Sirius radio. Hope you like it!