Monday, December 11, 2006


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Besides the handful of girls in my class, I also had friends outside that sadistic little circle. I had the Girl Scouts! And I got to be the star dancing the Irish Jig!

I am the little one on the left, Brenda-Kay is on the right and Dottie is the tall Amazon in the middle.

Dottie was in the class before us in school which meant she was more worldly and sophisticated than us.

She danced a mean Irish Jig.

I loved it that she would invite me to parties and sleep overs at her house. Our parents were friends. That meant we were thrown together and we better like it.

Like it or not, the sleep overs were groovy. We would listen to our LP's and 45's and teach each other all the new dance steps. We were a regular mini-American Bandstand sweating it out to the Twist, the Jerk, the unbelievable fun Monkey, Pony, the Swim, and my favorite the Skate. Not to forget the Hitchhiker.

I first heard Mr Tambourine Man performed by the Bryds in Dotties kitchen late one night from the huge radio station out of Chicago that you only received late at night.....and on a bounce. It always faded out at the best parts.

I smoke my first cigarette with Dottie when I was twelve. We slipped them out of her mothers cigarette case. Tareytons. The taste worth fighting for.

We climbed up in the tree house and took our very first drags. Nothing was ever quite the same from that moment on.

I was a bonafide bad girl now.

And Dottie the bad influence.


Anonymous said...

These posts remind me so much of my own childhood in ways. The good parts :)

Lisa :-] said...

Big Chicago radio station---WLS? went bad so young!:D

Anonymous said...

I betcha anything it was WLS! A station from my own childhood. :-) What great memories. I'm enjoying reading the series so far.


Anonymous said...

Bad girls. I liked bad girls.

Anonymous said...

I'm just checking to see if I can comment here; have been having some trouble on Blogger lately.

Chandira said...

Love your blog header, great graphics.
I had a friend like that, and I was that friend..
Bad girl through and through, though I think I would have ended up that way anyhow, even with out the bad influences.. ;-)

Mr.Gary Supertron said...

The Greatest Blog is Supertron Random

Jennifer said...

My mother always thought everyone else the bad influences.

I never corrected her.

What she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

lol, too funny! I love the photo! I always wanted to be a girl scout...I see I missed out on more ways than one!!

Anonymous said...

I listened to WLS late at night myself, miles and miles away. I've got a tap dancing picture and a brownies photo that could interchange with your post and memory.

Thanks for your visit today and your kind words. I'm looking forward to reading more here.

M said...

God bless the Dottie's of the world!