Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quick Trip Rehash

So I left early in the afternoon because I could. One of those rare times when the stars aligned and no one was at the office I had to report to, or who was keeping tabs on me. So, being the devious person I can be at times, I took off.

Beautiful day though windy. Made the drive down South in record breaking time, due to a good back wind I suppose.

No one told me Geo. W Bush was going to be in downtown Louisville at a fund raiser for Mitch. And to make it all the more inconvenient for me, he was at the Seelbach Hotel which is on the same block of the Fourth Street Live area I was headed.

I had a 30% off coupon for Borders and I like the Borders on the corner of 4th and Liberty. Lucky for me I found a parking spot on 3rd Street parallel to front of the Seelbach! You could not get anywhere close to the hotel. I had to hike down to Liberty and then cut up to Borders.

By the time I left Borders with my new book ( Emergency Sex and other desperate measures...a true story from hell on earth...from the travel writing section)...the party was breaking up and Geo. was on his way to Alabama. Men in very expensive suits were headed to stretch limos lined up on Liberty. Good looking young men in expensive suits, no over coats, and name tags.

Easy to trek through Fourth Street Live and cut over to my car through the plaza across the street from the Seelbach. The police officers on horse back still on alert for any radical behavior from the protesters. Several were still lingering about with their signs and looks of important intent. Trying to have their voices heard. Their messages read.

I quickly escaped the massive traffic jam that had now interrupted the once breezy and spring like evening and headed to the nearest gas station. I found the one that Bridget always used when she lived in DT Louisville.

As I was punching the secret codes that unlock the buying power of my company gas card I was interrupted by a young man with hands in his bulky jacket pockets and shoulders hunched as he quickly gave me the rap about not having any money and wanted to ride the bus home because it was a long walk otherwise.

I told him to hold on and continued to punch in my never ending sequence of numbers then gave him $2. He scampered away hopefully towards a bus stop.

Weeks before, Bridget had told me of the kindness of someone at a gas station when she had run out of gas and had no money. I re-paid that kindness I suppose.

I stayed at a hotel close to the Watterson Expressway. When I got up in the morning to head towards Slugger Field and the 5K I emerged into a glorious morning. Birds were chirping!! Spring comes much earlier here than in NE IN.

A breathtaking sun rise was appearing in my rear view mirror.

It felt good to be home. Joe has an opportunity to be transferred to Louisville. I am holding my breath, but I am not going to get my hopes up.


Unhinged said...

It's corny, it's lame ... but what will be, will be.

I believe everything happens for a reason, good or bad, and I will always strech up on my tip toes to try and see the good of it all, no matter how much it hurts my calves.

AC said...

I remember the day well that I decided I'd had enough of Ithaca NY and was heading back south. I packed my car and left sliding on ice.

Paul said...

You will always be a Kentucky girl.