Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

I just opened up my mail and had several alerts for new entries from the AOL Journals. I felt the little rush that accompanies the anticipation of who it could be! Is it Jamie from Chase-N-Kids? Or is it Just Mary? Maybe another post from Lisa on Coming to Terms with Middle Age? Or so many of a dozen or so that I keep track of and continue to read on a regular basis. Fact is, I look forward to these entries from people I consider friends even though the only way I know them is through their writing and their journals.

I was driving down the open road with an open mind and this thought flew in the window and landed on my consciousness. I remember the exact moment I was no longer a bonafide child!! It was Saturday morning and only on Saturday morning we were allowed to veg out in front of the television watching cartoons and half hour entertainment for kids...such as My Friend Flicka, Rin-Tin-Tin, Sky King and of course the greatest cartoons of them all, Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Mighty Mouse and Fearless Fly. I didn't want to. I laid in bed and read a book. I had matured over night.

I am addicted to Dancing with the Stars. I'm rooting for Billie Ray Cyrus (I'm a sucker for a Kentucky boy).(I like Joey too). Nothing they do can make me like Heather Mills. I think they put her on hoping her leg will fly into the audience.

Spring is definitely in the air, flowers are in bloom and the trees are throwing off these showers of green stuff. It's neat.

When did the term "that's fly!" come back into the vernacular? Better yet, was it ever?

I have started at least four books this month and have not finished one of them. I have half way through a 1963 book about Egyptian antiquities. I have several pages left in one about UN employees in the mid-90's. I am in the middle of a perfectly great travelogue. But finish one, nah.

Started a vegetarian diet. Have no idea how long it will last.

Started Yoga classes. That stuff is hard and difficult. Since I nearly sliced my finger off a couple of weeks ago (too gross to write about, I saved all the gross stuff for Joe and spent serious amounts of time winding white adhesive tape around my middle finger at the office)so I have slacked off. But I really did like it.

I did not think I had a thing to ramble about and look! I'm just a natural at this.


Unhinged said...

That's fly is a cool saying now? Note to self: Tell them Hey, that's fly tomorrow at work if someone brings doughnuts, or if Z looks snazzy, or if I forget to pick up my feet when walking and stumble.

Mary, if you like Yoga, try Palaides! (Um, not sure about spelling.) Anyway, yoga fricking hurts my back, but palaides strengthens the lower tummy and makes my back feel better.

Hah, my word verification is joghow!

Cynthia said...

I love the rambling entries, and i got a better word than Unhinged. Assrepn!

Lisa :-] said...

Are we comparing word verifications? Mine is braoqcau...looks like the call of some animal that's a cross between a burro and a crow.

Anyhow...this kinda reminds me of my "ten things" lists...

Lisa :-] said...

...And Andrea--it's "pilates."

Trish said...

yoga. veggie diet. four books. wow. Ahhh, Warner Bros cartoons on Saturday mornings! Now that's fly!

tina said...

LOL.... sounds like your timing is as good as mine is. I managed to break a toe the day after I started a bellydancing class.
I hope your finger is mending up fine. I'll bet that adhesive tape is a good look for you ... =) Me, I have my toes taped together. We could be twins !
Well, sounds as though you have a touch of Spring Fever, which is a very good thing ... enjoy ! Tina