Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Eve in Cleveland

We were at the back of the room....again. But closer to the bar.

As the band prepared to end and call it a night, Omega and I advanced toward the stage and waited for the encore.

I have written and written about the Saw Doctor concerts. Last year I saw them three times! Last year in Cleveland we had a grand adventure getting to the show, which was at the Agora and we arrived in a limo (because the hotel could not find us a cab but did find us a limo and we were so late that the concert had already begun! This year, not so much drama). The House of Blues was within walking distance of the hotel and the snow and stiff wind off Lake Erie was enough to freeze your rashers.

The House of Blues was a terrific venue.

But ahhhhhhh..........the Agora. The funky atmosphere, the hot cramped and sweating crowd. The 32 oz beers, the concrete floor and wall of people.

The House of Blues was definitely upscale.

Last year Leo appeared like an apparition in the back of the bar of the Agora.

We faithfully awaited for a re-appearance in the Bar/Restaurant area of the HOB.

We knew it was not his kind of place.

They were great, but I am so glad I have my memories of that night last year.


Lisa :-] said... upscale venues for you, ah Mary?

From your description, last year's concert does sound more... colorful.

ab said...

Great city to spend St. Pats day in, and the Agora....legendary Cleveland venue. The weather in March really, really sucks in Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

I rather have the smaller more intimate venues than the larger or upscale venues.

I hear the weather has been really nasty - is that putting it mildly?


Nelle said...

We have a Saw Doctors CD. Love them. Would love to see them oneday.

Paul said...

Did you get there in time to hear the Stonelake Band? they were excellent. Daddy, can I go up on top?

acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

hestiahomeschool said...

We saw a lovely Irish band for St. Paddy's and were close enough to smell their cologne. :-)

love ,kas