Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't Cry For Me Indiana - Part II

I sometimes think I am absolutely nutso. I have spent a small fortune on the yard, as I have in the past, just as if I were going to continue to live here another summer. My only restraint is I did not plant tomato's this season.

I was astonished to realize the azalea bush/plant I added last year is showing some life after the long and bitter winter! And the tubular begonia's I have positioned on the front porch are flourishing!

The hanging plant I purchased last year is still alive! It's alive!! And taking up residence again on the front porch. She has new neighbors from the local nursery, the one right down the street that I drove past every day for a month until I was satisfied they were readying to open.

I love that place! The plants are spectacular and even I have to try hard to kill them! Mains is one of the best things this little suburb of Ft. Wayne has going for it.

The first summer when I stumbled in, it was preparing to close down for the season. I was instructed to grab a wagon and cram as much stuff as possible in it and pay only $15 at check out.

I did not believe her, thought I had misunderstood and repeated what she had just told me. She nodded and pointed toward the wagon.

I've been in love ever since.

Last year they raised the price to $20, but I didn't care. A tremendous bargain is a tremendous bargain.

Mains Nursery is one in a million. I doubt I will ever find such a magical piece of heavens garden again.


Lisa :-] said...

I have several places I have discovered the same way. I regret this year that I won't be having much time to invest in my garden. Hoping to find a few pre-planted planters that I can keep alive with the husband's nifty drip-watering system...

G said...

Sounds like a gardener's haven. Nice place you have here. Good luck with your house hunting as well.

Dalene said...

Thanks for stopping by A Boomer Life and leaving such nice comments. Very cool on the bargains from the garden center. We just got our cottage garden planted this week. Very uplifting to be surrounded by the renewal of color and beauty of flowers after a much-too-long dreary gray winter.

Blue said...

Whata great garden centre!
I do love a bargin too.
Hope the house hunting goes well, I'm sure you'll be keeping us posted..

Chris said...

Finding a special nursery is like finding a great hair stylist. You form a relationship with the staff and they look out for you.

We have one less than a mile from our house, but Alexis prefers to drive 45 minutes to one in another city, just because of the staff and selection.