Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Banger Sisters

Not that we ever banged Rock Stars.....

Yet, the title of that movie, and loosely based on the premise, my dear old friend Cathy and I have not seen each other for a good 20 years plus, and at one time, for a long time, we were inseparable. She lives a life in Louisville that excludes me, and by chance I found her on line at Classmates.com.

We met at Murray State University when we were both freshman. We were the first group of girls installed in Clark Hall, long standing a dormitory for men. (and I use the word men loosely for freshman boys back in the day). Also, back in that day, the only boy/girl dormitory was just introduced! And it was so cool to be assigned into that dorm. Naturally, I was not! Though I did smoke my first joint on top of that high rise .... actually it was a home made bong out of an empty toilet paper dispenser and tin foil. Another story for another time.

Actually, I have been found by another friend from that era, Robbie, also through classmates.com. She sent me an e-mail in September of last year and I just discovered it several days ago!!

Obviously, she did not drink very much, nor do excessive amounts of mind altering drugs, because she is already writing things like, "Do you remember....?...."Ahhhhhh, noooooooo, are you sure you went to school in the 1970's?"

Pictures to follow.

Back to the Banger Sisters.

I was to meet her at the Beatle Festival on the Belvedere this past week-end. I even called her, forgoing the much easier and less stressful e-mailing. (when you have not spoken nor had contact with someone for 20 years, there usually is a reason...another story for another time).

In the past, in my youth, I would tell you I was going to do something, and then not follow through. Good intentions and all that jazz. Since basing my professional life in sales, that inclination to wiggle out of stuff by the "I'll call you" line has gone by the way side. Even when I don't want to, I do.

Even when I want to but am apprehensive, I do.

Who does not have voice mail on their cell phones? Who can not receive a text message? I called and called all afternoon of the day of the meet.

I wanted to jump to the conclusion that she just blew me off, but I have decided to give her the out that I was trying her land line and not her cell phone.

Anyway, I was so hurt that it took me 24 hours and a good four mile brisk walk to get the sadness out of my system.

Joe said, "Maybe your time table was not her time table."

Maybe not.

It still hurts.

Later: Damn if I didn't receive another e-mail from a long lost buddy from Murray State today via classmates.com.


ian said...

I've only made a few half-hearted efforts to track down any of my friends from high school. The sad thing is I've come to the conclusion I'm just not all that interested in getting back in touch with them anymore.

Glad you're renewing some connections, though - I hope things work out with your friend who went MIA on you.


meno said...

Seriously, who doesn't have voice mail on their cell phone?

Sounds like there might be a reason that you aren't friends anymore.

Jocelyn said...

I love Joe's line about timetables. Veddy good.

I get emails from classmates.com (I signed up some months back) but don't follow through and really use the site. Maybe that's okay, eh?

Lisa :-] said...

Oh my God, she stood you up? What a b***h!

Seems like if you go through the trouble of allowing contact with someone, you should be willing to "consummate" the whole thing...

AC said...

If I say *I will* then I do, even if I hate it. What are you besides the strength of your word? Of course, I avoid almost every social occasion possible and would probably hyperventilate if many old acquaintances looked me up!