Monday, May 21, 2007

How I spent my week-end.

We bought a house. At least we put in an offer on a house.

I'm finding out purchasing a house is very similar to a chess game. You make an offer, they make a counter offer, you make an offer on house choice #2 to see how it goes. If house #2 makes this move, you make move A. If house #2 makes that move, you make move B.

Then you ask for the piano.

Besides that we went out to eat and celebrate our anniversary (a week later) on Bardstown Road. I had three chocolate martinis...about two too many....and we walked home. How nice to live within walking distance!

If our offer is excepted (no doubt about that) we will live on the Indiana side of the River and remain in Hoosier land.

Imagine that.


Jocelyn said...

And is the house an option that has you excited? Or does it feel like "settling for pretty close"?

meno said...

wow, you guys don't mess around. I'm happy that you found a house you like.

Robbie said...

How can one ever have too much chocolate, regardless of its accompaniment.

Congrats on the anniversary!!

Nelle said...

So proud that you didn't make the agent show you over 50 homes! LOL
Good luck with all the negotiations.
Happy Belated Anniversary!!!!!

gledwood said...

All the best with your new home!
I was v down today so thought I'd go blog-surfing to cheer self up. Pressed the Random Blog - and here you are! I feel better already. You're welcome to drop by mine if the fancy takes you - gledwood2.blogspot - my online journal. I've been collecting funny video clips. Throwing Pies at Flies is my movie of the day. Has to be seen to be believed! Keep up the great blog, see you later maybe ...
All the best
"Gledwood Vol 2"
& I hope all goes smoothly with the "purchase" ... I know the horrors of the housebuying game!!

Blue said...

Glad to hear you found & hopefully won a house so quickly.
Theres all that lovely packing to do now!