Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ramblin' on my Mind

Another weekend that went by in a rush of activity and I look at the calendar and see it's Tuesday already. Have I caught my breath? No, and the next weekend is looming head.

I am becoming slightly frantic about finding a house in the Louisville area. I think I have offended my first realtor when I told her my husband wanted to look in Louisville because he had a bad experience with a bridge when he was a child. No, I didn't actually say that, but he is concerned with the traffic problems associated with the limited bridge situation from Southern Indiana to Louisville.

We never worried about bridges while in Newport across from Cincinnati. Oh yea, they have seven bridges. I think Louisville has two....with a possible third on the drawing board.

The first realtor is not licensed in Ky. I hooked up with a character on Saturday and we looked at several homes in the eastern part of Jefferson county, because they fit into my budget. I was not impressed with any of them.

I want to go back to Indiana. Isn't that a shocker coming from my fingers!!

I found the most delicious house on the Internet last night. An older home with tremendous character and a clawfoot tub! Hardwood floors, sunroom, large yard with patio, mud room (love mud rooms). I want to look at it! But it has two drawbacks...only a bath and half, and the kitchen! My God! It looks like something right out of the 1930's. One sink!! Never renovated???? Or is it chic retro?

And so it goes.

The other house I loved, the one with the jungle for a back yard and built in bookcases, well, as funky as it looks, for some reason I feel the word "Money pit" when I consider plumbing, furnace and that stuff.

Buying a home is a thrill and a bitch. You are always on the look out for why it won't work, rather than a way to make it work.

I hope Therese will take me back.


pia said...

Oh but sometimes a person buys assuming she can make it work, and ends up with the cutest most useless kitchen

Much luck

Lisa :-] said...

We bought three homes in the space of ten years. By the time we got to the last one, I was about burned out on the whole process. One of the nightmares of twenty-first century American society is the absolute insanity of real estate prices. I plan on staying where we are for a good long time.

tina said...

Oh, I wish you luck. Having done this too many times, I can imagine how you are feeling right now. And each city brought it's own little headaches. L.A., Denver, Dayton, Denver again, back to L.A. .... I am soooo done ! It got to the point where my deciding factor on a house was if it had a good spot for a Christmas tree. Which is probably why I did buy a money pit not once, but twice. Shame on me. Good luck, Tina

Nelle said...

I am sure she will take you back with open arms! It is difficult to find a house that you love. Usually one settles. Some people can never bring themselves to do that. I love claw foot tubs. We only have 1 1/2 bathrooms and that works fine with just the two of us here. Good luck in the hunt!

meno said...

I think that truer words were never spoken than "we looked at houses in our budget, and we were not impressed."

you'll find it, just not where or what you think.

Jocelyn said...

Are you sure you can't work with that bath and a half...and a wonderful, um, retro kitchen?