Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Macabre Sight

To feed the beast that lives within me, I have been hanging out at the local Flea Markets, Peddler Malls, Antique & Collectible stores, Goodwill, DAV Thrift Stores, and in general, any store full of junk where $5 goes a long way.

I was astonished when I ran across this box of doll hands. They were sitting on the overflowing shelves of Craft things. I tried to sneak out my small digital camera but of course another shopper would choose that moment to enter the aisle and walk behind me several times obviously waiting for me to vacate the spot in front of all the cool and interesting stuff spilling from the shelves onto the floor.

I could not leave these doll hands behind!

My mind is spinning with the possibilities.


Lisa :-] said...

Doll hands??? Mary, you never cease to amaze me...

Anonymous said...

LOL, shaking head here. I can just see you with the camera trying to casually get the photograph!


meno said...

I see some macabre art in your future.

They are creepy looking. Too many horror movies i guess.

Tressa said...

Geez Mary,

I go for a nearly 2 year long hiatus and I come back to this!

I can already see you sticking them in a potted plant like a minature person rising from the dead....

It is almost Hallowe'en!

Come by and see me!

aka Stormwhispers

Micki said...

Cool new hobby! Collecting body parts! Hope you show us what you create with them. Hee!