Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fascinating Stuff

So, I was visiting with my Aunt yesterday, the one with the fractured pelvis. Thankfully, she was recovered and healed enough to return to her apartment in downtown Lexington.

We are sitting in her small living room just getting settled when she asks me, "So what have you been doing lately that is fascinating?"

Why this questions takes me by surprise I don't know, but it did. Maybe because there is nothing fascinating I am doing lately!!

The image that leaped into my mind were my adopted rose bushes, the 21 damn bushes I have been trying to keep alive this horrid, torrid, breathless, over powering, arid summer. I have now have had roses thrust upon me three times from three different gardens. Some may say roses are easy to grow, but take it from me, they are not. I have fooled around with them all summer long. Through Japanese beetles, black spot, yellow leaves, under watering, over watering, dead heading and cutting back. Now as I am entering into the end of the summer I breath a sigh of relief.

Next year I will begin in April and not mid-June!

Look at my poor garden gloves. These are my third pair of the summer - granted I have tended two gardens, one here and the other in Ft. Wayne - I realize I need to spend more on garden gloves.


Nelle said...

This year I got my first rose bush for this property. It is the Princess Diana of Wales memorial rose and it came with a brass about pressure! Almost immediately the Japenese beatles arrived and then spots on the leaves. Despite that I managed to have about ten blooms that were glorious. Now the center stalk has three and is gorgeous while the stems on both sides look withered. I have no clue what to do about that.

Lisa :-] said...

I probably have four or five pairs lying around my house that look exactly like those!

Roses. I don't do roses. If they choose to grow on my property without any special attention from me, I suffer them to remain. But if they start to languish and act like the botanical primadonnas they are, they become part of the brush pile lickity split. Roots and all. Give me a hardy flowering shrub or ornamental grass anytime.

meno said...

I thought roses came from the grocery store.