Sunday, September 30, 2007


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Over 5,000 runners crammed in a single block of Vine Street under the Central Baptist Banner proclaiming the "START" line for the Midsummer Night Run. The evening was still aglow in the last washes of daylight as the start gun went off with a resounding BANG!!.

People began to surge forward slowly, bunched together heading towards the starting line which tweeted as you crossed indicating your chip had been activated. The slow paced walk quickened to a slow jog and then you were able to burst forward as the crowd began to

Three miles and one tenth till the FINISH LINE.

The sun set, the moon rose, the crowd of runners thinned as we made our way through the downtown streets of Lexington. The lead runners were headed home before I even reached the half way point.

Joe had run off long before, as his feet are bigger and can cover more ground than mine (that is my story and I am sticking to it).

It was hot, it was humid, it was sticky, and it felt as if I were running through syrupy air. Sweat dripped down my forehead and crept into my eyes. I tired to wipe it off with my sweaty hands. My lungs burned. I was passing people.

I rounded the fountain and headed down Main street.

The crowd was very thin now. The fast walkers, the parents running with baby buggies, the kids who ran like the wind then walked for a while then ran like the wind again....this was the pack I was with.

I rounded the corner and headed back down Vine knowing I was nearing the finish line. The sky above was pitch black now and the stars were out as I headed home.

The FINISH LINE loomed ahead, my heart surged and I was able to speed up. I was KICKING!!! Then I saw Joe, on the other side of the finish line, waiting for me, cheering me on!


The feeling can only be described as euphoric. A buzz that no drug in the world can match.

I was flying HIGH!!

That was one POWERFUL feeling. I have run dozens of races since, but nothing ever compared, not one of them ever came close to crossing that first finish line.

That was some POWERFUL stuff.


Jo said...

This was so well written I ran alongside you (it's the most exercise I've done in weeks LOL).

Crafty Green Poet said...

Great experience well written!

Bonggamom said...

You go, girl, congratulations on your amazing achievement!

tumblewords said...

Wow! That's some kind of power, for sure. Particularly funny is the idea that Joe's larger feet kept him ahead of you! Cute but powerful story!

Lisa :-] said...

If I ever take up running (which will happen when pigs fly) this sounds like exactly the kind of race I would love...

Great commentary!

meno said...

Good for you. I know that feeling, but since i hate running, i now find it on a bike.

Redness said...

Yay, I could hear your feet and heart pounding ... powerful, for sure!!!

Chris said...

Excellent entry. It reminds me of my triathlon and running days. I ran in the 15k US National Championship once and in the final mile, my heart rate was 193 bpm, higher than my alleged 191 max heart rate. I crossed the finished line into the finishing chutes, stopped and threw up clear liquid at the feet of one of the officials. Then, like you, I thought, man....that was awesome!

Glad you had a great run! Warning can be addictive!

Andrea said...

Bravo. You reminded me how much I miss little races like that. They are so gratifying! Nothing like that here in BG, Andrea (