Monday, September 24, 2007

Woe is Me

I found via Sunday Scribblings this really cool web site called Dreamergirl. Absolutely stunning. Well, I was so inspired by the beauty that I thought I would join in on a postcard exchange.

I should have known better.

Now I am trying to teach myself how to make a creative and pretty postcard that will convey what Autumn means to me.

As I approached my glue sprayed canvas with my carefully cut out carnivorous looking flower that i was going to attach to replace the girls head, (I am working with Halloween theme on this card) I dropped it and it landed on a spot I definitely did not want! About a quarter off the card!!

Dang it.

So I just slapped on a deranged looking Tin Man and then sat back in horror at the image I had created. I slapped on another head....and now she looked like she had been beheaded!!

So I added some pretty words and took some aspirin.

This is hard work!

I will not be sending out this card!! But, it is my favorite so far!


Robbie said...

I've looked at a lot of ATCs and Fabric postcards. It might not make me an expert but I think your card rocks! Sometimes accidents are better than intentions.

Lisa :-] said...

It certainly is original! I love it...

mamacita chilena said...

that turned out pretty awesome!

dreamergirl said...

Just breathe ;)

The swap is supposed to be fun, to let your creative juices flowwing and connect to people all over this planet. It is not meant to stress you out :)

I'm sure that whatever you create from the heart is beautiful.


p.s. thanks for mentioning my website!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great! I tried to do the fabric post cards and HATED my results. I wanted perfection with the first card - I threw in the towel and grabbed the camera for comfort.