Sunday, October 19, 2008

Round Robin Challenge

The Round Robin Challenge this time is to photograph your Home Town. At times I feel I have no home town. I live in Indiana and claim Louisville because it's easier to say to people, they all have heard of L-ville, but not the Indiana town I live in across the river.

And when I think of Home I think of Mayberry (my fictitious name for the Hometown), So, I have this picture of a flour mill that is not exactly in town, and actually not exactly in the county, but it is on the border on the Elkhorn Creek (which is lots bigger than two of the "rivers" in FW).

I happened to be in Mayberry today and made an effort to get a pic and compare it to one I took several years ago on a foggy day in winter.

I like the contrast.

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Carly said...

Hi Mary

Hon your photos are stunning! :) You live in a really beautiful place. I would love to get lost there with my camera in hand! Thanks so much for playing.

Always, Carly

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Mary, Very Picturesque flour mill. Thanks for sharing:)

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures. I grew up near the Daisy Flower Mill which is now a chocolate factory. There is something enchanting about mills and you've captured it very well.