Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When Life Comes A-Knocking

Two weeks or so ago I convinced myself the only way to get involved and back in the swim of things in the Blogosphere was to just do it! Then, life stepped up and threw me a curve ball, a fast ball, and a spit ball. I was no longer able to spend countless mindless hours creating interesting (maybe only to myself) essays about...me!

I thought I would just sit in front of the computer and just let my fingers wander where they wanted. And it worked for a solid week! I am uncomfortable writing anything of personal substance, at least the dramas of my life that are going on now. Naturally in maybe a year, they will make some very engaging entries, but not now.

Yet, I will post this picture of my darling grand daughter when we went to the St. James Art Fair earlier this month. She is a handful and growing in leaps and bounds, which makes it extremely difficult to keep her in clothes! As a result, her outfits are a bit, shall we say, snug.

Since she is the first grandchild, there is not a soul to send her hand me downs!! I asked Joe if we could make a trip to the Second Hand Store, Once Upon A child (isn't that clever) or just the consignment shop in the ground floor of Mid-City Mall....just because the best Dive in Louisville the Back Door is also located in the mid City Mall has nothing to do with it! But Joe says that for some reason second hand clothes from strangers is out of the question.

So we all must suffer. And smile.


Monica said...

Oh my! :-)

My oldest granddaughter went through the same thing ... how I shopped at Once Upon a Child and told my son it came from one of the girls on Sonny's side of the family that he didn't know. It worked. :-)

Grandchildren are the best in life!


Monica said...

HOW I shopped?!? What was I thinking? I meant then I started shopping at ...

Keep me away from the keyboards until I've had some caffine.


Donna said...

Your grandchild is either a confirmed redneck or a future plumber.


I'll be watching next year at this time to see what's going on in your life at this present time.

Lisa said...

What a cute picture! Reminded me of my hubby working on something...only a much smaller & cuter version LOL.
Take care of yourself.

Beth said...

Aww, look at that little buttcrack! LOL

I read recently that LOTS of people are starting to shop at thrift stores. To me, it really makes sense with kids, because they outgrow things so quickly!


Martha said...

LOL! Very cute! :-)

Tressa Bailey said...

I think its a precious photo and should be in a frame on your curio table.

I love it.

Slapinions said...

Those stores go by 'New to You Kids' up here. Half my kids' closets - heck, more than half - are stocked from Goodwill, Salvation Army, and rummage sale stock.

Good to read your posts, as always.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Cute Picture! Oh they grow so fast, I do the rummage sale thing, and the thrift stores while looking for books for me to read. It is all good, wash those clothes up, lots I have found still have tags from the store:)