Friday, June 19, 2009

I scream! You scream!

We all scream! For ice cream!

Picture this....trying to loose 20 pounds by pounding an elliptical machine but cruising through the Dairy Queen Drive Thru and asking, "Do you have the Candy Cotton Blizzards yet?"

And being told, "No, not yet."

Please please please! I love those things. What is it they use for that candy cotton flavor? Sort of like hot rocks...sort of not. What ever, I love it.

Long ago summer was officially announced by the sounds of the Mr Softy Truck approaching your street, driving very slow, allowing all the kids within hearing distance - and us kids had the ears of German Shepherds back then - enough time to run home and beg, cry, thrown ourselves on the ground and pound the floor for that one thin dime that would purchase a sprinkle cone.

They were gigantic cones with a little twist on top.

When my daughter was young the Mr Softy truck was replaced by a Popsicle man who flew through the neighborhood so fast you had to think he was meeting his drug connection at his apartment in a half hour.

No sooner would Bridget come running into our humble abode and shake me down for fifty cents for some sort of Bomb Pop, and back out on the street returning in minutes with tears in her eyes that she had missed him.

Poor baby. Hopefully he would swing back by and all the little kids who missed him would be waiting with their money clutched tightly in their sweaty hands.

It's officially summer.

The last Popsicle I bought was for a the little kid of a friend. Nothing says summer quite like the stained face smile of a child sucking the red white and blue off of a Bomb Pop.

On, Mr. Softy, will you please come back?


a corgi said...

I never had a cotton candy blizzard, but they sound delicious!

our ice cream truck comes through every evening just right after supper it seems; I remember being excited when I was a little kid wondering if today would be the day my mom would allow us to get one; nowadays I wonder how many can afford the treats available; seems like upwards of $1.00 and over per popsicle or other delight is the norm

great memories! keep on plugging away on the elliptical though


Nelle said...

I used to LOVE Mr. Softy. We have an ice cream man here. I think he bought a retired Good Humor truck and made it his own crazy something or another. The treats are about $1.50 now and I really feel bad for neighbors who have three or more kids.

Robbie said...

:::said with my best Eddie Murphy impression:: "Ice ceem ceem truk!" ;-p

Damn you Mary! I'm craving a popsicle now. It's only 9a. Do you think if I go to 7-11 to buy one now they'll think I'm nuts?

Martha said...

Thanks a lot, now my day will not be complete unless I go to Dairy Queen! I like soft vanilla dipped in chocolate :-)

Lulu LaBonne said...

When I was a kid it was the fish and chip van coming by on a Tuesday night that got us hysterical with anticipation. My day used to hold a choir practise in our house and the van was the signal for end of practise and supper.

Chris said...

We never get the ice cream truck in our neighborhood. At least not often. Our neighborhood was mostly retired couples when we moved in in 2001. It has since changed and we have a lot of more families with kids. Unfortunately, Mr Ice Cream man hasn't figured that out.