Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Like a Rolling Stone

In another lifetime I spent many years in this part of Kentucky, at the state college. It is located in the furthest reaches of the fertile crop lands and coal stripped plains, and it was there that I began my disastrous first attempt at higher education.

Since actively playing around in Facebook I have recently discovered the "gang" from way back then, when I was having the time of my life and flunking out of school, when time was not an enemy, the days were always bright and clear, the lakes were right around the corner, the keg parties were numerous, the joy of youth knew no bounds, I had no direction home, like a Rolling Stone.

I pulled out one of the Yearbooks I kept from that period (because I keep everything) and spent an hour or so Sunday afternoon leisurely turning the pages and recognizing the faces, whispering the first names to myself, or the nick names, then checking and 100% of the time I was correct.

People took getting their pictures for the year book so seriously! Some of them dressed up in suits. I wondered if their mothers requested this, as I do not think I knew anyone who wore a suit then. At least not that kind of suit. Yet, as I turned page after page I noticed some of the shenanigans that was taking place. I laughed at the number of people who had their pictures taken twice, in different clothing. There were many of them!

I especially lingered over this page......

I wouldn't go so far as to say I had a crush on one of them. Let's just say when ever I would see him on campus I would sigh and wish I was the sort of girl he would notice.

Many many years later, in Lexington at a honky tonk I worked, he walked in and sat in my section. I was dumbstruck that out of all the gin joints in the world, he would walk into mine! I came out from behind the bar and approached him and the party he was with, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I asked. (Originality is my middle name.)

He looked up at me and said, "Isn't that suppose to be my line?"

As it was, he was married but asked me out anyway. I am proud to say, despite my disappointment, I declined or else this would a good story.


Nelle said...

What a different world it was back then my friend. Today a guy I work with who is in his late forties was trying to tell the young uns about how cool leather pants were and they just laughed at him hysterically. Oh, if they only knew.....

Coy said...

Nice trip down memory lane ... I keep meaning to try facebook.
*** Coy ***

Chris said...

You have so many great memories posted on your blog. Have you thought about entering Brandi's "becoming me" contest?