Thursday, June 11, 2009

What I Hide In My Trunk

Everyone knows I am looking for a job. I am looking the way I have found every single job I have gotten in the past 20 years. That is, through the paper/want ads. It is not the want ad's any longer, but Career Builder, Whatever City Help, Company web sites, and numerous web sites I have found along the way.

I have written letters to people I know with my resume asking for help. This worked okay, I received 4 leads from 10 letters, but then I thought I was moving to Memphis to save my marriage, and it ended up being the Nashville/Clarksville/Ft. Campbell area.

My frustration is immeasurable.

I went to a Job Fair in Nashville and ran across another ex-Beverage employee, same company, different subsidiary. She was laid off from Waste Management after leaving Major Beverage Company. Major Beverage Company asked her to come back and she said no. I said, "May I send you my resume to pass on to your boss? I know they prefer to hire someone who knows what they are doing rather than having to train someone".

Never heard back from her. Need to contact her again.

I was in tears the other night over a conversation I had with my sister. We were yakking away about Joe's new job and the area and she said that her husbands father did some contract work for a Major company in this area. "That is Joe's biggest account here!" I exclaimed.

"One of the men from the Company is on the BOD for Joe's company in Lexington."

"I know! He sat at our table at a fund raising dinner for the mayor!"

"His name is P*** M***** and he came to our wedding."

"What!! You're telling me this major officer in L**** Corp. is a friend of yours!! Darling! I will have to call him and chat him up!"

"Please don't use my name."


I was crushed. Joe keeps telling me that I am the only sane sister in my family. Ha! The part that truly hurts is that if the tables were turned, I would have taken time off from work to help her out.

A company that does direct sales and was going to hire me on the spot. I was suspicious! For several reasons. First, they were selling air purifiers and air in their office was putrid! Cigarette smoke so state that the Marlboro Man himself may have lit one up there. I was told how much money you can make at this company. Let me say this, they did not look like the epitome of success. I'll leave it at that.

Oh, just to add this. I interviewed in the training room and was looking at the dry erase board and read this...

Step One
Create repoir

Repoir?? What the hell -rapport?- even I, the worlds worst speller, knows that is wrong!

So, what do I have in my truck?

Employment applications for Cracker Barrel, MacDonalds, TJ Maxx, etc. etc. And I have filled them out and am returning them.

I am ashamed to think that I am now trying to land a minimum wage job. And I am equally ashamed that I will be thrilled if I am offered one!


Meadowlark said...

My dear, the shame would be if you didn't care to land any job.

Um, which is exactly what I'm doing right now, but as the summer wears on, I'll start actually looking.

Hang in there!

a corgi said...

I've been reading your blog for a bit but this is the first time I'm leaving a comment. I do hope you find a job. I think there are jobs out there but there is some "magical formula" for getting hired and I haven't been able to figure what that might be to help my 20-year-old son land one and he's been unemployed close to a year (seriously looking on and off during that time). I read in our local paper (where our unemployment is at 12.5%) that it can take 4-5 months to land a job. A friend of his with lots of qualifications including time in the military is still jobless hearing either "you're not qualified enough" or "you're too qualified". such a dilemma; such a sad economy

I hope something opens up for you soon!


Nelle said...

My husband took a job which paid several dollars less an hour than his previous job but it was a permanent hire, bens the day you start and the first day he got a raise. Keep your mind open. NEVER be ashamed. I have worked retail when necessary and it kept my bills paid. Nothing to be ashamed about an honest days work and that may lead to another opportunity. I am disappointed your sister didn't jump to help you but have had similar things happen in my family. Good luck!

Jen&HerBoat said...

ugh, how frustrating!

If you can afford to hold out, do so. Then again, in Canada, that's a bit easier to do...

Cynthia said...

Taking a just barely above part time minimum wage job was what I had to do. However, I really am learning to separate who I am from what I do.