Saturday, December 05, 2009


7 of 365

1) Realizing I was watching a sunset and it was beautiful.

2) Not burning down the house. I remembered I had left the oven on earlier in the day when I rushed off to work! I had thawed out several chicken breasts and they had been in the refrigerator tooooo long and I thought I would cook them before leaving for work. Great ideas gone bad! Joe home at 330 and turned off oven! Chicken burnt to a black glob. That's what happens at 350 degrees for seven hours!!

3) Thin crust deLITE pizza from Papa Murphy's.

4) Money grams at Walmart - too easy and a Christmas discount.

5) The end of a trying day that was coupled with my out of sorts mood.

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Nelle said...

I once put eggs on the stove in a small pan to make egg salad. I was waitressing and got a phone call that the person had known shown up and the cook was working the counter. I grabbed my coat and ran out the door. Returned about six hours later to find black smoke everywhere. Since this was an apt. I was shocked noone called a fire alarm! The pan was teflon and the teflon was a ball sitting in the middle of the pan! The eggs had exploded on were on the ceiling of the kitchen. Although it was bitter cold out, I had to open my windows for half an hour to get the smoke out. I will never forget that!