Friday, May 07, 2004

The latest in the Scalai assignments for the weekd end is to name your most memorable birthday present.

I can not wear a watch. I have the uncanny ability to stop them with the greatest of ease. I once was caught in a torrential down pour running to my dormitory and destroyed the non-waterproof watch I was wearing. While traveling to San Diego, passing over three time zones, I changed the time on my watch and it never worked again. I lost the most beautiful emerald studded watch at the Horse Park several years ago. It just fell off my wrist . I did not realize it until much later. It goes on and on. I have no idea why I have such an adverse effect on watches? Over the years I have learned to live with it. I cope with not wearing a watch. I also have an uncanny ability to be able to tell time by guessing "Feels like its about 2:30" and astonishing enough, it is!

In 1972 when my Nana died, my mother gave me two of her possessions. One was a set of the prettiest wine cups, the top of the heavy glass stained red. And her 14K gold wrist watch. On the back of the watch is engraved her name "Mary". Nana was called Mollie, but her name was Mary Ann.

I am terrified to wear this watch. And I have never worn it. It is in a special place in my jewerly box. I know that if I ever put it on, well the result will be ugly. So, it is kept hidden away, and to tell the truth, I had forgotten about it.

Until that fateful day that Joe told me his daughter (who was around six at the time) had "borrowed" the watch out of my jewerly box and taken it home. I went nuts. Even though I had not thought of nor seen the watch for what must have been 25 years, I was crazed! The watch had been lost! It had been left at one of her little friends house. I was now crying and in a highly agitated state.

Two months later the watch was found. Joe gave it to me and as I looked at it a funny feeling came over me. I had not seen this watch for years and years. I was dismayed that the watch had one of those stretchy bands and the face looked dirty and.......kind of cheap. It broke my heart to actually think of my Nana having this watch as one of her most precious possessions. I put it into another special secret hiding place that maybe a six year old would not find this time.

When my birthday arrived Joe lavishly presented a small box to me. I ripped it open (jewerly! The best sort of present!) Inside was a 14K gold watch totally refurbished, polished and working.

After the incident, Joe felt so bad that he began looking all over the house for the watch before telling me that his daughter had lost it. He had run across "this" watch in "a secret hiding place" and thinking it couldn't be my Nana's watch.....his daughter had taken Nana's watch....He took it to a jewrley and had it put into working order.

I flipped it over..."Mary". I cried tears of relief, guilt, and something even deeper. I began to think that this act of caring from him was the sweetest and most appreciated show of love I have received from him.

That is my most memorable birthday gift.

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