Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Yesterday I wrote a very cool entry about the wedding and/or elopement. But, I inadvertently deleted it trying to publish it! What's up with that? I hate it when I can't re-do and fix a mistake. Yuck.

Anyway, I wrote the story three times. Once in my long hand regular everyday Bible Journal. About four pages of long hand. Every detail, but I know I missed a few, but I tried. Then this blogger attempt which failed! Then when I went home I created on on AOL-Journal land and it worked pretty well.

Long and short of it is this....I'm married!!!!!!!!!

I'm an old fart whose chances of trying the knot faded daily, if not hourly. And the odds were not in my favor. I would have married a long time ago. I would have married the first and most intense love of my life, John. I was damn scared of a big wedding! Can you believe that b.s.? Afraid of walking down the aisle and having everyone look at me. What a pile of crap. Then when I wanted to elope with him after some friends had run off, he wouldn't do it. "I can't get married without my Mom!" That ticked me off.

This was 1977. I was an immature idiot and besides that I was smoking way too much dope (good dope) and drinking way too much alcohol (rot gut). And I lost him by being too stupid and immature to understand that an only child knows how to handle his parents.

That was so many years ago? 20 years to the date I met Joe. Nearly seven years later I have married him. This union was not easy to conclude...but I love him. Can not imagine life without him. I have my flaws, he has his. Together we will work it out, grow old together and then follow each other into death.

I'm freaked out about that death part, but after all this time, I know that is how it will end.

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Okay I am my first comment. A test so to speak. P.S. Love your jnl!