Sunday, April 17, 2005


I am almost embarrassed to post the before picture. I guess you just don't know until you are forced to see it through someone else's eyes. I knew I hated the outdoor carpet on the porch and that it needed a paint job. Now it looks spectacular! Only a few more finishing touches. I did not realize what a perfectionist I could be!!!

At two thirty yesterday the realtor called and asked if someone could show the house at 6pm. My SIL shook her head violently! The bathroom was ripped out, the lattice was not up, we had a plastic wall in the kitchen for her dry wall project, the house was a wreck. She was right, there was no way. So, maybe I missed a potential buyer, but another will be right around the corner.

I also mowed the lawn today and visited the grave of one of Bridget first boyfriend who overdosed five years ago today. It still makes me angry to remember that day. That we are denied the experience of seeing "Bird" grow into a man. That people stood around not knowing what to do, so they stole his shoes.

Anyway........he was special, even though he was going through a very screwed up period in his life. This street smart, sweetheart, charmer of a young boy had a son before he left this world. While I visiting the grave yard "Bird's" Mother was there. She told me about his young son, age six, who wants to go to Florida with her. "Let's fly, Granny"

"Dylan, you know I'm afraid to fly."

"I wanna fly."

"Why, honey? You know I'm afraid!!"

"There's clouds up there Granny!"

"Yea I know there are clouds up there! I can see them from here just fine!"

"No Granny, my Daddy is up in those clouds. Maybe I see him for just a minute."

That made me start crying.

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