Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Three Stooges

Except, there is only me! I'm like Lucy without her Ethel.

I know I will survive the extravaganza of selling the house. It is turning into quite the ordeal. How do people get through this without having a nervous breakdown?

After surviving Saturdays trauma of the Eye Incident, I was able to almost finish the porch on Sunday. I laid down the paint roller around 730pm and called it a day. I will post pictures of Before and After as soon as it is completed. The lattice remains to be painted and reattached, and the steps finished to complete the project. I astonished myself in my ability to work through adverse conditions and do a pretty darn good job!

Monday my boss wanted a sit down between 3 and 330. Around 230 my realtor called to say that someone was coming over to look at the house around 600pm! Mother of God! I got home around 414 and began speed cleaning (which is slang for pushing things under the bed and in the drawers). I rushed around like a mad women until 545, then drove up the hill and spied on my house from the hospital parking lot!

Today, we had a showing at 7pm. All was going very okay. Poo-Poo was home and began laying the new bathroom floor and painted the bench for the front porch Chinese Red. I thought it needed some accent, and that chair does it!

I decided to bake some scones to make the house smell wonderful. I read the recipe which instructed to heat the oven to 425 and cook the scones very close to the top of the stove. I adjusted the racks and proceeded to prepare the dough, adding orange soaked cranberries (I've been wanting to make them for a long time!!!). When I was ready to put them in for baking I decided to move the rack down a notch. I had a hard time yanking that thing out and back in. In the struggle, I dropped the pot holder which immediately caught on fire! I was able to toss in the sink (thank God still filled with water). My brilliant plan for making the house smell like cinnamon and cranberry sconed was foiled. It smelled like burnt pot holder.

As the scones were baking, I attempted to dump a bucket of cleaning water in the sink, somehow missed my mark, or maybe it slipped out of my hand, it all happened so quickly....but two gallons of soapy dirty water crashed all over the kitchen floor. That was a mess to clean up.

Then the scones were ready. They smelled divine, so I decided to try one. Suddenly, the tooth I had worked in Feb. to remove an old filling and replace it with a beautiful expensive porcelain crown, shot pain through the tooth and erupted through the top of my head! I think the filling shifted and hit the nerve!

I'm afraid to eat on that side of my mouth!

I don't know if I can survive this! I am really hard on myself.

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