Sunday, April 24, 2005


After waiting months for this day to arrive, I awoke Friday morning to the realization that I was very sick! I had been under the weather all week, but it escalate into a real illness that morning! I had a fever and my sinus cavities were pounding. Nothing was going to stop me from going to Dayton to see TEMPEST. Nothing! I loaded up every drug I could lay my hands on, Alka Seltzer cold remedy, liquid fever relief for children, ibropohen, and nasal spray (I could not breath through my nose). As we left I remembered the left over Hydocodein from the eye incident! Naturally I tossed it into my bag.

I have talked non stop about this band to Poo-Poo since seeing their appearance at the Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival last summer. I had purchased one of their albums at the concert and Joe had listened to it once politely and that was it.

It is difficult to describe this band. Celtic Music. What is that? My head becomes flooded with Irish whistles, brodhrans, the concertina. The haunting music that sends chills down your spine. TEMPEST does not use any of those instruments, yet they are without a doubt the leading Folk Celtic Rock band in the history of the genre.

It was with apprehension that I entered Canal Street Tavern with Joe in tow. I had been extolling the intensity of this band live verses the album that I was extemely nervous he agree. Therefore he never consider my opipion regarding music as valid ever again. The venue was so tiny!!! Twenty tables with people milling around as if old friends chatting and becoming reaquainted. All the tables were taken, so we claimed two chairs at the bar directly in front of the stage.

We ordered a pitcher of beer. I had popped one of the hydocodiens before going. My head was killing me. I knew it would help me through the night. I was feeling much better, so I had a beer.

Around 10:30 they took the stage. I had another beer.

For the next two hours they rocked the house down. Traditional Music is the launch pad for this band. They add a little bit of many styles of music, taking from jazz, bluegrass, acid is just indescribable....and mold it into the most forceful, dynamic, explosive, electrifying, animated, and highest intensity band I have ever seen. I thought they were great on a large stage with thousands of people. It was totally exhilariting in a small bar sharing with 150 other people.

The best part of it all, was Poo-Poo turning to me and yelling, "Allman Brothers at Filmore East" and nodding at the band, as they jammed on and on and on.

I should not have had that second beer. I definately should not have had that third. By the time they had finished the first set and were back onstage well into the second set, I was unable to take any more pictures and had to enlist Poo-Poo to take over for me.

After it was over, Poo-Poo was a fan. We went to the merchandise table to buy the 15th Anniversity set and talk to the band. I should not have been allowed to talk at this time. I was gushing over them by this time. And I just happened to set my beer down on the table that the guitar player was sitting and naturally knocked it over on them.

I hope they forgive me. I suppose I will find out if I am banned from their next performance I try to attend.

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