Wednesday, April 06, 2005


This has been one of those weeks where I am hearing from several of my gal pals from the past. Everyone knows how hard it is to stay in touch, even with the ease of email, some peole are just not computer junkies. So it is so great to receive an email telling me that Laura is going to be in Lexington for three weeks during the month of July!

I went to my last high school reunion four years ago (Jesus Mary and Joseph!!!) with the hope of seeing her. It has been twenty years ago that I had last seen her.

My parents forced me to go to Lexington Catholic. I tried every trick in the book other than running away from home to attend the local public school. My parents were unbending in their belief in a Catholic education. The wrost thing about going to Catholic, was that I did not know anyone in the freshman class. No one.

Laura was my first friend. We had Homeroom together, the very first co-ed homeroom in the history of Catholic! And ours was the only one. We were an experiment. Laura and I sat next to each other in the row, according to our names. We became fast friends immediately. We had every single class together for two years. We rode the bus together to downtown where she transferred on another to head home, and poor old Mary had to catch the GreyHound bus for her trip home. Oh the stories I could tell about my Greyhound bus adventures.

Laura became K.D.'s first girlfriend. K.D. was (and still is) older than us and had the same type of insane parents as I did who forced Catholic on him also. He rode the Greyhound too.

The three of us could laugh so hard together it hurt.

HEYI just had a brain storm!!! I still hear from K.D. every so often too! Maybe I could pursude him to return for a visit (he lives in Gothom City) just around that time too!

This summer is shaping up to be one of the best of all time!

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