Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Task Master Cometh

It is a little after 7am. My Sister in Law will be arriving about 10am and the work will resume with a vengeance. She is teaching me a how to do things that I never thought I would be able to accomplish. And the truly remarkable result, other than the renovation, is how much I enjoy it. To start with something so beat up and in dire need of attention and to be able to turn it into something nice and pleasing is very satisfying. I'm looking forward to learning how to lay tile on a bathroom floor! That is a statement that I never dreamed I would mutter.

It has been about two months since I learned we had to relocate for Poo-Poo's job. I am finally ready to let go. I know two months is a long time to mull things over and prepare myself for the inevitable but my temperment demanded it. Yesterday I knew, I mentally had a roll over in my psyche that said, "It's time."

It would be a pleasure to just load up all the furniture, books, appliances, motorcycles, lamps, computer, dishes, pots and pan, all my photographs and artwork (other artists, natch) and leave. I am certain it would be much easier to sell the house without the distraction of all our personal stuff! The house we bought up North will be available in mid-May, so it is a domino effect waiting to happen. Three families moving in syncinzation. I am preparing myself to leave my job at that time.

I have been seven years with this company. I have developed a family relationship with most my co-workers and it is going to be difficult to leave them behind. It is so much easier to keep in touch in this day and age than it was, say 10 years ago. E-mail and cell phone (we all have Cingular as personal phones) will enable us to stay close. Yet, I know how it is. It will be up to me to keep in touch with them. That is just the way it is. I have been through this a time or two before.

With the departure comes a newly realized freedom. I do not have to worry about benefits and having a job immediately. I may even have the luxury of finding a job that I really want, rather than taking the job I need.

I have contacted the alternative newspaper in the city I am moving to and inquired about guest columnists. Guess what? They told me to send a sample of my writing! I'm so psyched and I pitched the concert I am going to this coming Friday, TEMPEST, in Dayton. I told him that it would not be a music critic, per see, but a piece from a music lovers perspective. Bring it on, he wrote, "It is not something we would publish, but it will give me an idea about your style." And to contact him when I arrive in town.

Being a Pisces, I have always had grandiose ideas and huge plans that I never follow through on. Isn't it funny how a little thing like redoing a front porch can unlock your dreams and present you with the unlimited possibilities life offers if you take it one little bit at a time?

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