Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bridget Christening

The Stories of our Lives

I have just spent another week in the company of Deep Throat AKA the Renegade. When you spend nine plus hours a day with someone you find out quickly if you enjoy the company. The rewards of interesting people are vast and invigorating.

Inside all of us we have that handful of stories that we keep close and dear. How many reveling anecdotes we share depends on the person and the strength of the bond we are developing.

I listened to story after story this past week about D.T.'s childhood, his brothers, High School history, his marriage, his children, his job experiences, the formation of his views, and his philosophies about life, love and work. I was fascinated. And thoroughly entertained all week.

Driving home last evening I realized how much I was going to miss having a companion with me. I was especially going to miss those stories. Even if I did hear one or two of them twice.

The stories I have inside of me I have poured out and into this journal. I find that I am shy about articulating too much about myself, but I am brash with a keyboard!

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