Saturday, July 09, 2005

Out with the old, in with the new

For someone who is so adamant about hanging on to things, I wish I were more committed to holding on to the people I have known in all the various places and stages of my life.

I have been kept so busy and occupied with my new job, that I hit the ground running every morning and fall into bed exhausted in the evenings. I have little spare time to miss things back home. Yet, when I do, I miss it in a big way. In a heartaching, tears pushing to gush out of my eyes way.

Over the years, my friends seem to revolve around those I work with. I suppose this is natural, because I am with them day in and day out. I begin to know everything about them, their wonderfulness, their weaknesses, their trials, their families, their dreams, their disappointments, their faults. I look forward to seeing them, and sharing my life with them as they do with me. I miss them so much, that it is hard to put into words. I guess I love them.

I have moved so often, that I have many enclaves of people I have left behind.

Beginning with my grammar school class, twelve of us beginning in first grade and finishing eight years together. When I went to a Catholic school on Lexington, most of them went to the local public high school. Naturally, our worlds no longer the same, they over lapped a little, but for the most part, we went our different ways.

My High School friends! Once it ended, I attended a college not one single person from my class applied to! Lost again.

College. What an experience I had in Western Kentucky. I have kept in contact with only one person (sometimes two) over the years. Every so often I run into someone, but it is few and far between.

Then my excessive and over the top job experiences! Oh my God! The wonderful, interesting, and lovable people I have encounter, befriended, loved, then lost.

Now I am starting all over again. A whole new set of people. The Turtle, (who incidentally is going to get his tater smoked once he returns from vacation, but that is another story)was my first friend in this new land. But, come to find out he was no friend at all! A wolf in sheeps clothing.

"Deep Throat" my new real friend, is as interesting as they get. I have been spending enormous amounts of time with D.T. since the Turtle is one vacation, and having a blast.

He is more like me, we have to work. It is not our lives! It does not obsess us nor overpower us. We know how the system works. We know how to play the game. And the game is CYA and cover for your buddies.

It is so sad to leave people behind. Finding new friends is the cure for that type of melancholy.+

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