Saturday, July 30, 2005

Green Thumb

Sometimes the light's all shining on me,
Other times I can barely see..."

When we were searching for a home in the Ft. Wayne area there were only a few things I wanted. First, a family room with a fire place. Secondly, two full baths. And last but not the least by any stretch of the imagination....lot's and lot's of closets!

What I got was a beautiful landscaped yard with dozens of perennials.

I have managed in the course of two months is to almost ruin the yard with neglect. The only thing I have managed to do is to plant six tomato plants the second week of June. I have just recently seen the first fruits of my labor. Other than that, I cringe if the previous owner (who is a total sweetheart, and I'm certain I will write more about her in the weeks to come)comes calling to pay a visit to her beloved flowers and plants.

I planted the tomatoes very late in the season. By Kentucky standards, they are to be planted after Derby Day, the first Saturday in May. There is little chance of a killer frost after this date. And it stands to reason, I would be very late in planting the annuals!

The tomatoes are growing and need to be staked. Since I neglected to bring the cages with me from KY, I was in a bad way last week end.

Off to the local garden shop I go last Sunday praying they had something I could use. Once I arrive, I realize they are closing for the season. On the fence they have this notice:


I am actually thrilled because the wagons are so great! They have those bright red plank sides! The drill is like this, you grab a wagon and pull it around the nursery and plunk your plants in the bed. Great idea and when I first discovered the place in June I loved it! I was excited to get a wagon for $15!! It was going to look so great filled up with flowers on the front yard.

Guess what? The wagon was not for sale!!!! What was for sale, was every plant, every hanging basket I could cram in that wagon......$15.

I was like a crazy woman. Once of the attending workers pointed at it and stated, "You can get some more in that corner". I'm not certain if she was being sarcastic, but you better believe I crammed some more stuff in.

All in all, I ended up with seven hanging planters and about twenty annuals.

I just got finished with all the planting. My beautiful back yard will be more beautiful in a couple of weeks.

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