Sunday, June 11, 2006


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My cousins wedding 2002
(Most the women on my Mom's side of the family.)

Joe was called in to work at Dayton this past week end so I tagged along thinking I could explore the city, take pictures galore, go to a museum and if things got too boring, Cincinnati was only 25 miles away.

My plan would have worked but the weather did not cooperate. I left the hotel at 630am thinking I could get a great brisk walk and it was raining that cold grey drizzle that belongs to April!! And it was 52 degrees.

I drove around the city checking things out and found my path to the Riverwalk blocked by several police cars. I could not figure out if someone had been murdered or if they were expecting a huge group of banner waving, slogan sign carrying protesters to advance in an unruly manner upon the miniscule festival taking place in a corner of the ground.

I drove around the streets searching for the Art Institute and finally suddenly drove past a tiny sign pointing towards the west! I made a quick "I'm from out of town" turn after traveling only a block found myself in a horrific traffic grid lock! Thinking I had stumbled into a graduation....why so many people dressed in suits and fancy threads looking anxious ....I never quite figured that out either.

The art institute was right there! Lo and Behold, a picture of Princess Diana smiled down at me. Alright, I remembered that a collection of her haute couture was making the rounds in this country. Americans always seem to be in awe of Royalty and it is a fact that everyone in the world was in awe of Princess Diana but certainly this traffic nightmare was not about that.

I went back to the hotel room and laid on the bed and flipped on the tv and entered into a marathon of WHO'S WEDDING IS IT ANYWAY" on the E channel.

And I am a better person for it. Much more informed.

And convinced that I need to hire a Wedding Planner.

I'm off to the library to check out wedding planner books. Maybe somewhere in one of them it will explain where my misplaced Gene is. You know the one. The one that I should have been born with that enables me to make a centerpiece out of paper mache, wire and some wild flowers.

I'm okay, I'm okay. I am breathing into a paper bag.

I think I have a date, August 13th. And I think we have a place. They are going to have the wedding and the reception in one beautiful reception hall in the St. James Court area of Louisville. I am going to travel there next Saturday.

With check book in hand.

We also are going to go to David's Bridal Shop.

Things are moving along.

And yes, "Diana A Celebration" exhibit is closing today. I was in the midst of a Diana frenzy.

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sunflowerkat119 said...

To tell you the truth, I didn't know there was anything to see in Dayton.

I'm glad some of your wedding details are coming together. August 13 is not THAT far off!