Monday, June 19, 2006

My new Career as a Wedding Planner

Adventures in David's Bridal Shop

The big news is that they have decided to put off the wedding until next year. I do feel like I bribed them just a wee bit, but my new assignment as a Wedding Planner necessitates that it be postponed until a later day.

Yet, we kept our appointment at David's Bridal Shop.

Some one should have clued me in.

What a racket. A sweet racket, a joyful racket, an honest racket, but a racket all the same. Bridget and I walked down the aisle of a million white wedding dresses and she picked out no less than 15 of them to try on.

We got into the back area and were hustled into a room and handed a bustier and then the work began. Somehow it felt like tying to get the glass slipper on. No, not the glass slipper but that scene from GONE WITH THE WIND where Scarlette is being laced into her corset.

It was hard work, but I finally got her snapped in. Then the dresses. Over the head or step in? We opted for over the head at first. Where oh where did Bridget go???

The first two dresses did not fit. I could not get the first zipped up. The second was better, but it was all I could do it get it hooked and zipped. I was afraid she was going to rip it. The sales person had exchanged several of the dresses for a larger size, assuring Bridget that the sizes were misleading, and people always sized up and that they truly had to fit at the top....most important thing.

The third dress was ....

Well, she put it on, stepped out of the dressing room and onto the pedestal, my heart was in my throat.

It was as if she had slipped on a dress made of magic. This was THE dress.

Then I started to cry.


Robbie said...

I read this in Bloglines but the end prompted me to click through with hopes of a picture.

:::hanging head:::

I now know how the groom feels.

One of the cable stations has shown "Whose wedding is it anyway?" (Or some such title) marathons. They are addictive! Good luck to you!

Lisa :-] said...

Oh, Mary! How sweet!

I'm sure she looks like a princess in THE dress. You are having the time of your life doing this, aren't you--all protestations to the contrary aside? :-]

gigi said...

Aww. How sweet! I guess there'll be pictures at the event.

A whole year....

Cynthia said...

Oh man, that had to be a breathtaking moment.