Sunday, June 10, 2007

Before the Junk Arrives

or......My New House Sans furniture and furnishings

Back Yard needs attention

Still needs attention from the other angle

Kitchen with Pot Hanger

Even I know this is a horrendous color combination. The carpet has got to go.

When we first viewed the house there was a variation of the Mother Of Perpetual Help on the wall....I knew this house must be it regardless of the carpet.

The Family room sealed the deal ... or did the back yard? Maybe it was the enormous garage....I can't remember.


gigi said...

The garden is beautiful and the house loaded with potential.


Micki said...

Great house and yard!

Lisa :-] said...

My goodness...are there enough ceiling fans in that house???

And you are right...that carpet though a marvelous color for say, a sweater, HAS to go.

Looks like a great place, Mary! The indoor spaces are big, and the yard looks marvelous.

meno said...

I hope they got tha carpet on sale. The house looks like you will really be able to make it yours.

Nelle said...

It looks wonderful! That yard can be gorgeous and the openness of the house is very nice. Congratulations and best wishes for much happiness in your new home.

E. K.(Kitty) Glendower said...

Your house looks great. We have been in the market and cannot find anything worth the money.

I love your back yard. I love all the ceiling fans. I love all of it!

You will make it wonderful.