Saturday, June 16, 2007


Cherry Fritter & Coffee to go - $1.50.

A little hole in the wall bakery that sits behind the BP station on the main intersection. I avoid it because the cherry fritters are so delicious. I never knew such a sweet treat existed until I stumbled into this place one wintery morning. The last day here I happily gave in to the temptation knowing I will never have the opportunity to have one again.

When I was a very young child my favorite book in the whole world was "Story of Live Dolls". When the book was to be discarded due to age and destruction (some child colored the illustrations and some pages were torn) my Mom saved the book and gave it to me! Every time I drove past Dolly Heaven I thought about that book and smiled, not only about the beloved story but because my Mom is the greatest. I never went in. The last morning, it was very early and not open yet. I will regret that.

The lily's I planted last year are really turning into beauties this summer. Several of the perennials I planted last summer have yet to bloom. I am going to miss the yard and gardens. I truly am.

I was not prepared for the flood of tears that overtook me as I drove out of the neighborhood for the final time.


Lisa :-] said...

You invested a lot of energy into MAKING Ft. Wayne home. It figures that it turns out it is a little harder to leave behind than you thought it might be...

joe said...

Here's wishing you happiness and wellness in your new home!