Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Louisville 101

I still have 50 boxes to unpack, so I went out and paid a visit to the Antique dealer, Joe Ley. You have never seen anything like this place before in your life. It is fantastic. Full of everything you could possible desire. People come from far and wide to look through the loot housed in this three story building located on Market Street. Most notably, it is visited often by the folks from Hollywood looking for that certain something to adorn a set and make it perfect.

Since I am considering an outside living-type area, don't you think this would look grand?

I love this table. I did not check the price! maybe the next time. (like when I have a job).

I definitely need this in my garden.

The statues are spectacular. I could see they recently acquired the contents of a Catholic Church.

I would love these statues to adorn my front area!

This guy would give me a severe case of Clown-phobia.


meno said...

When there are boxes to be unpacked, i say the best thing to do is.....something else.

AC said...

Oh yes, shopping is exactly the antidote for box-unpacking. I'm with you on that one.

I would LOVE to poke through this place -- 3 floors!!! Wow. A small town near me has converted most of the old downtown around the square buildings to junk and antique stores, but the choices are not at interesting as yours.

I wish this were within an afternoon's drive from me...I'd meet you there!

Nelle said...

We have a town in NJ named Red Bank. It is rather old and filled with antique stores. One of which is large like this but not as interesting things! I would love to browse this place. Right now I have more dishes and serving pieces than I could ever use but I am still drawn to Depression Glass.

AC said...

I need YOU to help me plan some Kentucky vacation activities. My husband and I are going from Knoxville to Cincinnati to a Braves Game. Any off-the-tourist-track things you can suggest we do on the way up? We'll go straight up 75 through Lexington but can veer. We're taking an extra day on either side of the game.

I am thinking a veer over to this shop in Louisville might be necessary. He might prefer a distillery tour.

Mahala said...

I could go nuts in a place like that!