Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'm sitting amidst a thousand boxes (93 to be exact). Some have been opened and their contents liter every counter, every bit of floor space, every surface in sight. The front room is a dumping ground for the empties and the mountain of paper that was necessary to cushion all the "stuff".

As luck would have it, I did find the box with the birthday gift for Omega. I am not certain I want to part with it, but I guess that is what is going to make it an incredible gift. It's my vintage set of the 1979 Taylor and NG naughty animal coffee mugs. They have been hidden deep in my closet since Christmas 2005.....I think she will enjoy them.

I will travel to Central Kentucky with my other sister Kitsy-Boo and her brood for the fathers day celebration festivities at Mom's house. Joe will go on his motorcycle to have the mobility to go spend time with his children.

It feels so good to be able to hitch a ride with my Sis.

Other note worthy events....The Sirius Radio works perfect here! For the past several months I have been having a torrid e-mail relationship with the customer service department of the the satellite radio company. It had terrible reception in the last area I lived. They told me that I had to have it away from trees. I knew that was bull because we used it (my B-I-L's) at the Lake house last summer and that is the most tree concentrated place imaginable. Then they told me that I needed to move the antenna outside....blah blah blah. It works fantastic here.

That makes me very happy.

The back yard is so hot that I find I am moving my plants around the yard looking for respite from the unrelenting sun. Its like an open fire pit. All that concrete. Absolutely frying them. And the 90+ degrees does not help. The roses are looking puny. I cut back all the weeds...or at least what appeared to be weeds. I worried about that, all of 30 seconds, then decided that if they were not weeds then they would come back next spring and show me the flowers!

I believe neglect has about done them in for this summer, but who knows.

Gotta go cook my spinach souffle for the Fathers Day family gathering.


meno said...

I do not envy you all those boxes, but i would like a little of the hot weather please.

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

I just moved recently too and have piles of boxes. Taming the neglected yard here has been a thrill- I know what you mean. I basically went on a weed rampage but left what I could identify. Now a small shrub has taken off and become a gorgeous rose bush- I'm glad I left it alone!

Anyway, nice to meet you. Love your blog banner! Must link so I don't lose track of you.