Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Breaking Cardnial Rule #1

When I first began to write an on-line journal my husband asked one thing of me, if I ever wrote about him to please not make him look like an A** Hole. And I believe I broke that promise and I apologize to him.

I won't do it again.

But, now I will tell you a story that makes me look like an A** Hole.

When we moved into the house the kids next door came running through my back yard and it pissed me off. If only they had come and asked if they could play back there, that they were use to the house being unoccupied and having the run of the unfenced area. It made me angry to see them opening my jar of dead Japanese beetles and touching my stuff without permission!

I opened the door and asked those kids something to the effect of, "Do you always cut through this yard"...some old woman on the rag stuff minus the broom. (Long ago the witch on our street when we were growing up would always be outside sweeping the rocks off her drive way, my sister use to go over and kick rocks back on it!!)

I immediately felt bad and there developed tension between us.

I even felt relief when they had a huge fight out in front of their house and several days later it was evident they were breaking up and the house went on the market late summer.

I can be a world class bitch and a big A** Hole.

(I hope the medication works and soon).


Far Side of Fifty said...

I didn't think he looked like an ass hole..just a guy who wanted to tell a lady how to drive..:)

MeadowLark said...

You don't look like an ass. Unless I'm one as well.

I'm very, very territorial and do not like kids playing in my driveway - using it as a sledding hill in winter, for example.

I don't know why, maybe it's because I grew up on 12,000 acres and we didn't have neighbors. Conversely, it doesn't bother Husband one whit. But he grew up in the city, so maybe that's it.

To make a short story longer... you're not an ass. So there.

Donna said...

I'm the wicked witch of this neighborhood. I've run so many kids out of here, it's ridiculous. My husband thinks I'm terrible, but I like a little respect for property. Not that I'll get it with my neighbors to the west, but I'll fight to the death!

Of course, it isn't only the kids who come on our land every year and take our morel mushrooms. So the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

MeadowLark said...

So, um, Donna... what are your gps coordinates?

I mean, not for any special reason or anything, just being friendly.

{drooling at the thought of morels}

Indigo said...

I tend to get mean about my yard as well. Only because I have several strays I'm taking care of. Kids end up chasing the cats for fun or if they're in the woods, shooting at them with a bb gun. In all honesty I think when we were kids we had at least a modicum of respect for our elders. Kids these days seem to be missing that key moral thought process. (Hugs)Indigo

Slapinions said...

Ah, blog spouses are always going on about how you make them out to be a baddie. It's what they do cuz they can't write;)

I didn't think he looked like an ahole; I just thought you sounded like a typical woman driver *ahem*


Lisa :-] said...

You didn't make Joe look like a butt. If the story is true and the shoe fits... ;) Personally, I thought he was just indulging in some typical male behavior. But I thought YOU were being uncharacteristically timid...!


Maybe being glad the couple next door broke up WAS a little over the top. :D

Nelle said...

When we were kids we were taught to be respectful of neighbors. I always called my neighbors Mrs. so and so NOT by their first names. I never went on their lawns without ringing a bell and getting permission. We were respectufl. Kids these days are not and it requires us sometimes to not be as sweet as the Kool Aid mom. One day I was sitting in my living room when a kid came flying down the street (I am at the bottom of the hill) on a skateboard. He then jumped off it and did a somersault landing within inches of my window. It scared the crap out of me. I went out and restrained myself as much as possible and had a talk with him about respecting other people's property and not injuring himself. A kid was with him and the skateboarder began saying "Why?" over and over. The friend looked at him and said "Because she doesn't want to be sued if you break your neck on HER property dude. Sheesh are you that dumb?" I just smiled at his friend and said "Yes, that too." My friend, this is why they have communities for people 55 and over. LOL I cannot wait to get into one!
By the way, the other day my husband was driving me around and he pulled a left hand turn cutting off a driver (we were lost and he was overwhelmed) I went postal for a minute and insisted that he let me drive. It happens to all of us.
I immediately thought of your story and told Rob that when you are younger you don't worry about accidents but at my age I don't have time, money or energy for one.
Tell Joe we still love him. :)

Chris said...

I didn't think he was an a-hole at all. I thought it was funny because my wife does the exact same thing to me and I love her to death.

And I don't think this made you a mean ol' neighbor either.

Give yourself a break;)

Lori said...

Oh, that's not too bad. And assure hubby that he didn't look like an a**hole, just a normal husband, as far as I'm concerned. And you handled it so well! That says a lot for him!